Ultra Mini Omnia

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You wake from a terrible nightmare where you imagined that all you ever knew fell into a void of despair! Then you discovered that is was not a dream at all, it was all true! Rediscover your power and create a new world in which to live!

This Name:

  • Ultra    == Extreme
  • Mini     == Small Set of Mods
  • Omnia == Everything (really just paying tribute to Ex Nihilo Omnia)


This pack is centered on Ex Nihilo Omnia and is coupled with Sky Resources for the island management features. Crossroads MC, Vanilla Magic, and Storage Network have been added to help you manage your goals and to provide some variety. There is also a dimensional world that you can make your way to get lots of resources and do things that you can't do in any of the void worlds.


  • Small Set of Mods
  • The mods in the pack do a lot of things
  • Technology
  • Magic
  • Sorcery
  • Automation
  • Storage Facility

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