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 You need to increase the ram allotment in your Twitch launcher for the pack to over 7 gigs for TownCraft ONE, and 9-10 gigs for TownCraft TWO


In the Twitch launcher click on the modpack, then click the gear on the right side, click profile options, then uncheck use system settings, then drag the ram up over 7 gigs, you will have less freezing if you set it to 10 gigs if you can.


This modpack was created with survival server play in mind.  Build up your town using many tools provided in the pack.


You start in a world full of new biomes and exploration.(Biomes o plenty, Cavern II, and futurepack)



 --Roleplay mode on --

At the end of Ancient Towncraft there was a great alchemical devastation that left the overworld burned free of all of its ores that lie above bedrock.

For generations, the survivors of the great devastation have lived underground, below the bedrock layer that protected the ores in the caverns, scratching by eating mushrooms and whatever you could find, however in your lifetime scientists have spoken about the possibility of returning the surface to live, initial testing has shown that the surface is once again inhabitable.  

You decide that you can no longer wait, you are making the trek up to the surface, to face what you find there, others that have gone before have not returned, but you have a strong feeling in your heart that you are going to make it, and you are determined to repopulate the surface.  Equipped with the tales of the bright sun and flowers dancing in your mind, you decide to dig up, and make your way!

--Roleplay Mode off--


You will start in caverns, and need to dig to the top(256) to get out, once you get to the bedrock, jump in to it to get teleported up.  If you ever die, hold your key with right mouse until you get teleported back to your grave.


Start with a colony ship, or wagon, let your villagers build up your town from the ground up(Minecolonies), then when you have a nice amount of resources coming in and you are ready to advance to the industrial age, you can found your large industrial city, lay out the roads, plan the bridges and use the builders to build skyscrapers with industry, and economy, sell resources you produce for building materials(Dooglamoo Cities).


Spice up your cities with many decorative mods- Ceramics, Chisel, Chisel's and bits, forestry woods, corail pillars for BOP Chisel and Forestry, future pack, LandLust, MrCrayfish, Xtones(like Ztones), platforms.


Grab the keys to your car and drive around on your newly build roads in your car, truck, or SUV,

Build an airport and fly realistic planes to other towns.


Link your town with others towns via freeways quickly using the blueprint tools.


Once you have the tech, you can build airports and working planes and trains, that's right, planes trains and automobiles!

More dangerous npcs may spawn further away from the worldspawn. Hot and cold biomes are also more dangerous. Don't start in a desert. 


As your colony grows it will become appealing to raiders, the larger it grows the more bandits will come for you, think tower defense, in Minecraft :)


You need to increase the ram allotment in your Twitch launcher for the pack to over 7 gigs, I run mine with 12 gigs.


You will need to fix a setting in the Twitch launcher and update java to play the pack properly, here is a video to help you -


Client-side mods that can be disabled: AI Improvement, Bad wither no cookie, Biome Tweaker, Born in a barn, Client tweaks, Custom MainMenu, Chunk Pre-generator, Default Options, Fast leaf Decay, hydrophobia, Mine Tweaker Recipe Maker, Nether Portal Fix, Open eye, TellMe, ToastControl, Unloader, Server Observer, Sampler, Reauth, Resource Loader, LagGoggles, Journeymap,  Default World generator


 Connect with us on our Discord channel -


This modpack was inspired by the success of the towns on our old Infinity Lite server -


Official server is already in the pack, click on multiplayer and join us.


Set up a server


If you would like a done for you solution, the folks over at Akliz have an already set up server waiting for you - 

Would you like to run a server for this pack yourself? AWESOME! Just put the mods,configs, and scripts on the server, then add forge and a startup script, and fire it up :)


Set up the server with a matching version of forge that the client uses.  Download and install forge in to your server folder(that you create).


Important note here- don't use the overrides folder from curseforge.  You need to install the pack with multimc or Twitch Launcher, then copy the mods, configs, and scripts from that folder.


Here is a to get you started -

With new versions of forge you don't need to remove clientside mods because it automatically does not run them. 

To start your server you will need a start script- make a file named serverstart.bat and edit it to include this -

Need more help?  Feel free to join our ProsperCraft discord, we are a friendly group of family-friendly players.

Once you start the server the first time it will fail saying you need to accept hte EULA, edit the eula.txt to say you accept it, then the server will start up.


To update your server -

Clone world folder, delete mods, configs, scripts. Put in mods, configs, scripts from the client, start server, when it prompts you on console to type /fml confirm type it.


To enable chunkloaders on your server-

edit the Towncraft.zs in the scripts folder on your server and your clients-

Remove- hide(<techreborn:chunk_loader>);





Edit mekanism.cfg-

# Disable to make the anchor upgrade not do anything.



Join us on the official Discord- 


Updates on future Minecraft versions- 1.15.2 was a passing fad I don't recommend using that version it was still in the getting it to work and not many mods had updated yet, we are now working on 1.16 and working on the getting it to work phase there, reporting lots of bugs and resolving issues with the mods. 


Issues opened in development of this pack - 


TownCraft 2 for Minecraft 1.16-;

Worked with silent to remove the duplicate log lines.

Reported to Minecolonies author to report that all colonies were chunkloading all of the time even when no players were on.

Worked with BYG mod author to find issue with mixin coming from ShutupExperimental


TownCraft 2 for Minecraft 1.15.2(version scrapped)


TownCraft 1-;   <-----;  <--------; <-------;


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