The Adventures of Halk

36,313 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 17, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3

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From Goshen the author of the TownCraft, Ancient TownCraft, DrTARDIS modpacks comes a hack and slash pack!


You start at level 1 at spawn where mobs are level 1, don't leave spawn until you kill enough mobs to level up, this is from the Mine and Slash mod which adds skills and classes and stats for armor and weapons and the player.  


Armor and weapons are not crafted, they are looted as mob drops.

This gear is repaired with the Mine and Slash gear repair station which runs on redstone and vanilla ingots.


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This is an RPG, roleplay pack. Select your origin race and class and begin your adventure!




Issues reported in the making of this pack -


The Adventures of Halk for 1.16.3-


The Adventures of Halk 2 for 1.15.2- Version scrapped.



The Adventures of Halk 1 for 1.14-

Ruins -

Ruins -

Securitycraft sidedness issue causing a server crash- reported to their bugtracking google doc.

Planttech - -reported that cropbars could be stacked on eachother.
Planttech reported- megafurnace not smelting items



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