The Adventures of Halk 1.14.4

30,078 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 13, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

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To launch this pack - I highly recommend the AT Launcher, support requests for the Twitch launcher(mostly broken) will simply be replied to with use the AT Launcher.  The benefit to using the Twitch launcher is that Twitch can update the pack leaving your minimap waypoints in place, where with the AT launcher you need to do a fresh pack install each time.


Server- We have provided a server to test and play on, come join us, it is already in the pack under multiplayer. Ignore the red X its a forge bug you can still log in.


From Goshen the author of the TownCraft, Ancient TownCraft, DrTARDIS modpacks comes the first 1.14 modpack!


You start at level 1 at spawn where mobs are level 1, don't leave spawn until you kill enough mobs to level up, this is from the Mine and Slash mod which adds skills and classes and stats for armor and weapons and the player.  


Armor and weapons are not crafted, they are looted as mob drops.

This gear is repaired with the Mine and Slash gear repair station which runs on mine and slash ore, or vanilla ingots.


You can collect spawners with silk touch, but they have a limited use, after 400 spawns the spawner will vanish.


The Modlist changes sometimes hourly-


Currently up to 165 mods and adding more daily as we can get them to work on the server with bugfixes.


This is the start of my 1.14 modpacks...

The primary goal of this pack is to mash all mods together to make them crash and clash and cry, report all of the problems, make them clean and working together thereby helping to ensure the smooth pack creation for all 1.14.4 packs.  See the issues reported to the mods below.

The secondary goal of this pack is to have a great time testing and making things crash together.

Finally, the end result of this pack will be a removal of everything that doesn't fit the theme and gelling into a nice rpg adventure hack and slash pack.




First we add every single mod to help the mod authors test and fix bugs then we will pair it down and add quests when better questing updates.  There are no questing mods out for 1.14.4 yet.


This pack currently includes all mods tech and magic that are available to make them all crash and clash to further future pack development.


Server pack - 

To make a server pack, simply download the pack with the Twitch or AT launcher.

Make a folder for your server, and download the same version of forge that the client uses and install it in that folder- from this location -

Now copy the configs and mods folders from the client to this server folder.

Run the server once, and exit, then edit the eula.txt and agree the Mojang terms.

Now download my file from here -

place this in the same folder as your forge jar as a text file named

Now disable the mods on this list like I have below. 

Disable the following mods on a Dedicated server or a really potato pc.-- 

Now you are ready to figure up your server, enjoy!




Issues reported in the making of this pack -

Ruins -

Ruins -

Securitycraft sidedness issue causing a server crash- reported to their bugtracking google doc.

Planttech - -reported that cropbars could be stacked on eachother.
Planttech reported- megafurnace not smelting items



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