Ancient TownCraft

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You wake in a dark world, blinking your eyes, you see glowing eyes staring back at you....then you DIE!


You start your journey in the amazing Betweenlands, there is no running across pristine green grass to an oak tree, but there will be running from everything that wants to eat you.   Once you survive the betweenlands, you can emerge into the overworld and build your kingdom using many decorative mods.


This pack offers many environmental mods that enhance the feel of being in ancient times.


Set in the dark ages(no tech) this pack is intended as a towny/town building modpack 


This pack includes so many items for building I had to add a mod that increases Minecraft's item limit.


You will be flying dragons, vampires, and building castles.


This pack also includes a multiplayer server address to play with other players.


Please follow the steps in this video or your pack will not launch and run correctly- 


 Join us on the official Discord


Set up a server- 


If you would like a done for you solution, the folks over at Akliz have an already set up server waiting for you - 

Would you like to run a server for this pack yourself? AWESOME! Just put the mods,configs, and scripts on the server, then add forge and a startup script, and fire it up :)


Set up the server with a matching version of forge that the client uses.


Important note here- don't use the overrides folder from curseforge.  You need to install the pack with multimc or Twitch Launcher, then copy the mods, configs, and scripts from that folder.


Install forge with the version that matches the client.  Download forge- run the installer, and install it in to a folder where the server will run.


Here is a to get you started, copy this in to your server folder.-

With new versions of forge you don't need to remove clientside mods because it automatically does not run them. 

To start your server you will need a start script- make a file named serverstart.bat and edit it to include this -

Once you start the server the first time it will fail saying you need to accept hte EULA, edit the eula.txt to say you accept it, then the server will start up.


Need more help?  Feel free to join our ProsperCraft discord, we are a friendly group of family-friendly players.


To update your server -

Clone world folder, delete mods, configs, scripts. Put in mods, configs, scripts from the client, start server, when it prompts you on console to type /fml confirm type it.



Bugs that were reported in the making of this pack- <--------;;;


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