TNP Limitless: Vanilla Echoes - 1.16.5

438 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 3, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

A Modpack on Forge 1.16.5
Lead Pack Developer: Gberqz

Official GitHub Link:
The latest Changelog can be found here: 

(Spoiler below doesn't exist if viewed in a modpack launcher.)

A modpack that is focused solely on vanilla enhancing features and aspects.
Features and Functionality Mojang could add to Minecraft.


 Features that you can expect while playing this modpack ranges from a new beautiful landscape,

new wildlife & monsters, new biomes. Quality of Life.

Improved caves. Features backported from the Caves and Cliffs update.

+ Much much more!



 An improved End Dimension, new structures, dungeons & biomes.
Same goes for The Nether, new monsters, critters, biomes & more.



 New building materials, new building blocks!
Everything that you probably need or want is there.

All ranging from new walls, fences, stairs, slabs, vertical slabs.
Also decoration blocks! Chairs, sofas, drawers, tables, shelves, chimneys + more. 




Jampacked with loads of Quality of Life features.
Inventory sorting, mouse specific tweaks, chest searching tied to JEI, an improved screenshot library in-game, death backups, instanced chest loot, light-level overlay, jumpable boats, mute specific sounds, variant animal textures, improved tooltips, new recipes + much much more!



 Optional Quests.
Vanilla Echoes also features quests to complete, while they are all optional they can give you some nice rewards if completed!
There's a chapter called "Mob Hunting", if you complete all of these "kill" challenges you will earn an exclusive armor & tool set.




 This is just some of the things available.

Now with your creativity, ideas, there's just endless possibilities!
Jump in-game and experience an all new beautiful world just waiting to be discovered.





 - Gbergz, TNP Team.



 ( Images are clickable attached with links! )

 OptiFine? Read here:

To get OptiFine working you will need to remove the following mods:
Rubidium, Rubidium Extras, Sulfuric & Roadrunner
..from the /mods/ folder.
Once you've done that, you will need to download OptiForge from their CurseForge Page.
And OptiFine ofcourse from here: OptiFine.

After that, plop both the OptiFine.jar & the OptiForge.jar into the /mods/ folder.
Game should now start.

If not. Join our Discord by clicking the Discord Logo (Clyde) above!
Once in go to the #support channel. 

(Note that pack boot times will be almost more than double with OptiFine present.)
(Recommended Shaders: Complementary Shaders)

- Gbergz, TNP Team.

Comments are enabled. For now.
But the best place to report issues & bugs is on our [ISSUE TRACKER] or in our [DISCORD CHANNEL], under #support.


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