The Vanilla Experience

714 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 2, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

A light custom-coded modpack which is interchangeable with the vanilla game. Existing save files can be used and will continue to work when all mods have been removed. Containing mostly minor and some major tweaks, while staying true to the vanilla game experience.

Still actively being developed! Releasing and adding new mods weekly if not daily. Appreciating all thoughts on the content in the comments! Thanks for taking an interest. :)
The entire mod list can be found at the bottom of the page, feel free to pick and choose to supplement your current packs.

    ◉     The conduit effect disables drowned spawns around the player.
    ◉     The grindstone can be used to sharpen tools temporarily in order to do more damage. This can be done by sneak+right-clicking a grindstone with a tool in hand.
    ◉     The campfire gives players and passive mobs the regeneration effect, and disables hostile mob spawns around.
    ◉     Brown mooshrooms will spawn naturally alongside red mooshrooms in a mushroom biome.

1.12 and 1.14:
    ◉     [Admin] Sneaking three times in a row in the same position in creative mode will enable replacing block mode.
    ◉     [Admin] The '/ec' command can be used to create items with enchantments above the default limit.
    ◉     [Admin] Superflat worlds will no longer spawn slimes on non-peaceful mode.
    ◉     Entities will always drop all possible loot on their drop table, and the loot amount has been doubled.
    ◉     Wither skeletons will always drop their skull.
    ◉     Doors around the player will automatically be opened.
    ◉     You can easily place beacon bases by (shift) sneak+right-clicking the beacon with mineral blocks in hand.
    ◉     Placing 5 torches around a mob spawner will prevent mobs spawning from it.
    ◉     Bottles o' enchanting can be created from a player's xp by sneak+right-clicking an empty bottle.
    ◉     The Killer Rabbit has a chance of being born from two normal rabbits and can be tamed with a golden carrot.
    ◉     Items will remain on the ground for 10 minutes instead of the default 5 minutes.
    ◉     Ghasts will drop their tears periodically when a player is close, allowing players to farm them sustainably.
    ◉     Right-clicking a placed painting with a painting in hand will cycle through its possible art.
    ◉     Eggs on the ground will automatically hatch just before they despawn, if less than 50 chickens are around.
    ◉     Shift+right-clicking a boat/minecart will dismount all entities in it.
    ◉     The Ender Dragon drops an elytra and an extra dragon egg on death.
    ◉     You can easily take off with an elytra from the ground with a firework rocket without an awkward jump.
    ◉     Blaze powder, magma cream and sugar are edible. Each giving their potion effect for a short duration.
    ◉     Glowstone dust is edible, making entities around glow with an outline when consumed.
    ◉     The end portal is craftable, movable and available in survival. The mod page contains more information on the recipe and activation.
    ◉     Poison can be extracted from cave spiders and pufferfish, by right-clicking them with an empty bottle.
    ◉     Slime blocks will no longer support the weight of a player when standing still, and they'll slowly fall through.
    ◉     Giants have a chance to spawn naturally instead of a zombie on the surface.
    ◉     Normal (wheat) seeds can be used to transform dirt into grass blocks, and to place (tall) grass on top of grass blocks.
    ◉     A GUI Clock and GUI Compass is visible on screen when having a clock/compass item in your inventory.
    ◉     Husks and Strays can spawn naturally anywhere in the world.
    ◉     Villager trades will never lock up, making them always available and allowing infinite trading.
    ◉     The totem of undying works anywhere in the inventory, you no longer have to hold it.
    ◉     All mobs have a chance to drop their head on death.
    ◉     Players will drop their head on death.
    ◉     Sheep, llamas, pigs, donkeys, horses and mules are able to produce a bucket of milk
    ◉     Zombies have a 25% chance to spawn as the zombie villager variant.
    ◉     Boats and minecarts can be moved without being broken by holding right-click on them. To release them, press sneak or right-click again.
    ◉     Droppers, dispensers and pistons have been muted. They won't produce sound.
    ◉     Named areas can be created by using signs. A GUI message will be sent to the player whenever they enter the area's specified radius. The mod page shows how.
    ◉     Creepers have a 10% chance to spawn naturally charged.
    ◉     Nether portals will spread nether blocks around the portal in the overworld. Only dirt, grass, stone, sand and gravel will be converted. The effect can be stopped by placing at least two coal blocks within the radius.
    ◉     Milk has a nutritional value, filling up the food bar when consumed.
    ◉     Books can be made from paper, by having 9 of them in a crafting grid.
    ◉     Baby tamable animals will receive a random name when they enter the world.
    ◉     Bone meal will produce random flowers, allowing all types to spawn anywhere.
    ◉     Shulkers will drop two shells.
    ◉     Mobs can be silenced using The Silence Stick, obtainable by holding a stick in hand and entering the /st command.
    ◉     Skeleton horses and zombie horses have a chance to spawn naturally with a skeleton/zombie riding it.
    ◉     Players will be able to sleep a little sooner, at sundown. (540 ticks/27 seconds earlier)
    ◉     Smaller nether portals can be created, specifically 1x2, 1x3 and 2x2.
    ◉     Hitting an entity with a snowball will result in it being frozen.
    ◉     Hay bales will negate fall damage entirely.
    ◉     Spiders will periodically produce a web when a player is close.
    ◉     TNT can break bedrock, allowing easy access to the nether roof.
    ◉     The enchantment table can detect bookshelves underwater and enchant up to level 30.
    ◉     The spawn point of a new world will always be in the center of a village.
    ◉     When a villager passes away, it will broadcast an informational death message.
    ◉     Villagers will have a random pre-defined name and their profession is visible on the trade screen.
    ◉     Spiderwebs break when a player walks through.
    ◉     Zombie spawners can spawn zombie villagers.
    ◉     ... and much more planned.

Mods included:


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