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Death Backup

Requires the library mod Collective. 

   This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.

Death Backup is a mod which saves the inventory of a player right before their death to a file in the world folder. If a player has cheat-access, they can reload the inventory via the '/deathbackup load <index>' command. '/deathbackup list' shows all the latest deaths with indices which can be retrieved. The inventories are saved in a folder with the players' name, so it works in server environments as well as singleplayer.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
sendBackupReminderMessageToThoseWithAccessOnDeath (default = true): When enabled, sends a message to a player when they die and have cheat-access that a backup has been created and can be loaded.
backupReminderMessage (default = "A backup of your inventory before your death has been created and can be loaded with '/deathbackup load 0'."): The message sent to players with cheat-access when 'sendBackupReminderMessageToThoseWithAccessOnDeath' is enabled.

/deathbackup - Shows the commands available.
/deathbackup list - Shows a list of the latest death with indices.
/deathbackup load <index> - Loads the death backup specified by <index> in '/deathbackup list'. Index 0 is always the latest death.

Whenever a player dies, their inventory and gear is saved to './world-folder/data/deathbackup/time.txt'. By default a message is sent to the player with a reminder if they have cheat-access, but this can be disabled in the config.

With the command '/deathbackup list' all recent death backups can be seen. Index 0 is always the latest.

Using the '/deathbackup load 0' command to load the latest inventory prior to the latest death.

Another example with items with NBT tags such as enchantments and written books:

The last inventory is loaded without problems by doing '/deathbackup load 0'.


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