Svět Draků

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Welcome to the World of Dragons adventurer.


In this world there is technology and magic. It is your task to subdue the dragons, using any combination of technology and magic you so desire. To help you in your quest there are special armors that you can craft from the carcasses of the dragons you kill. You may also encounter villages with a questing shopkeeper and village lords that have special needs. Each have good rewards should you appease them.


Go forth and conquer those Dragons!


The Nitty Gritty

The pack is built around Mine & Slash. Therefore, running into the wilderness to find that perfect spot to build your base is immediately the first wrong thing you can do. The further out you go from spawn the tougher the aggressive mobs become. The caveat is that as you kill mobs they drop gear and spells and you will M&S experience from them that will help you to level. There is also a level gap, just like in many MMORPG FANTASY games. So fighting the strongest thing you can find will not net you a metric ton of experience to boost your levels really fast. The game will tell you if you're fighting monsters that are too low in level or too high in level.


Further, because of M&S it's not really beneficial to solo play. You can solo play, there are extra mods in the pack that promote magic and technology. Put simply we support the concept of the standard kitchen sink mod pack. Just remember tho that M&S is the governing authority. If go alternative magic or tech you will have a long road ahead of you, probably longer than SevTech Ages or similar, because to get the ore and stuff you need to follow those development trees means that you won't be leveling in M&S but the monsters will. At some point while collecting your ores and doo-dads for the other mods, some zombie is going to 1 hit kill you because you completely ignored the adventure aspect of this pack.


My advice if you want to stay in the base and be a mad scientist or a crazy witch is to get some people to play with you, let them go adventuring and find the ores and doo-dads for you. And then when they do fight the boss monsters, you're specialty might be what saves the life of the party.


What's the difference between this and that?

World of Dragons has gone thru a lot of builds. A lot has happened to it. The main World of Dragons can't be tweaked any more without breaking it and cause lots of stress for existing players and server owners. So I present to you World of Dragons by another name which still means World of Dragons, Svet Draku!


The pack's quest lines and where possible other materials are in both the English and the Czech language. Eventually this will be my Universal Offering and with aid of many it will contain other localisations too.


Custom World for both servers and single player saves at


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