Superbia's Survival

502 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 29, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Hello all! This modpack is a revival of my 1.7.10 modpack called Superbia's Extreme Survival, which was made alongside Superbia's Extreme Adventure.


Welcome to a world like no other. A world full of magic, adventure, agriculture, and technology. This world, is Superbia. Superbia is an excellent, open-ended modpack with loads of paths to take without a linear way to take them! Want to explore? Go exploring! Want to delve into the world of nuclear power? Build whatever type of Fission or Fusion Reactor you want using Nuclear Craft, Mekanism, or Extreme Reactors! Slaughter some innocent death magic Druids and you're on your way! Do you believe that the "Sky is the Limit?" Well don't! Soar higher than before with the Advanced Rocketry mod! Or dig deeper and uncover the secrets of Astral Sorcery and Blood Magic. Are adventuring and sacrificing innocent creatures making you tired?! Swap out your sword for cooking materials. Anything you want to do, it's up to you!


Click the spoiler below to read about the modpack specific customization's!

NuclearCraft's Fusion Reactor will accept fluids from Mekanism (Tritium, Deuterium, and Hydrogen),

Pam's HarvestCraft Crops, Saplings, and Seeds, 219 in total, are usable in Mekanism's Biofuel Production.

Pam's HarvestCraft Crops, Saplings, and Seeds, 219 in total, can be used in Immersive Engineering's Ethanol production process.

Vanilla Minecraft treasure items (Notch Apple, Name Tag, Saddles, Iron Horse Armor, Golden Horse Armor, Diamond Horse Armor, and Chainmail Armor) are now craftable.

Crafting recipes for Enchanting Tables, Glass Bottles, Torches, Chests, Bows, Shears, and Webs have been added/changed.

Ambience Mod: Select to run the version which includes the music pack or without the music pack.

Only Tin and Copper from Thermal Foundation will spawn, no other mods will spawn Tin and Copper Ore. All recipes needing those ores will accept Thermal Foundation's.



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