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Welcome to WarGames. This modpack is currently in development and will receive frequent updates.


Long ago the mobs of this land began to evolve and strengthen. They grew in numbers, getting stronger and stronger, eventually overrunning the civilizations that humans had created.  As these civilizations crumbled, humanity began to divide. Some remain in villages, other built mighty fortresses, strongholds, and some even resorting to underground bunkers. This is where you come in, it is time to take back the land from the mobs. This will not be easy, and is not for the faint of heart. This, is WarGames.


This modpack took some inspiration from Voltz, thus why you will find ICBM Classic in here. The twist is the blood moons and epic mob sieges that occur. What will you use to defend yourself? Modular turrets? ProjectE? How will you coordinate your attack? ICBM? 


Click the spoiler to find out some of what is custom to this modpack!

NuclearCraft's Fusion Reactor will accept fluids from Mekanism (Tritium, Deuterium, and Hydrogen),

Pam's HarvestCraft Crops, Saplings, and Seeds, 219 in total, are usable in Mekanism's Biofuel Production.

Pam's HarvestCraft Crops, Saplings, and Seeds, 219 in total, can be used in Immersive Engineering's Ethanol production process.

Vanilla Minecraft treasure items (Notch Apple, Name Tag, Saddles, Iron Horse Armor, Golden Horse Armor, Diamond Horse Armor, and Chainmail Armor) are now craftable.

Crafting recipes for Enchanting Tables, Glass Bottles, Torches, Chests, Bows, Shears, and Webs have been added/changed.

Only Tin and Copper from Thermal Foundation will spawn, no other mods will spawn Tin and Copper Ore. All recipes needing those ores will accept Thermal Foundation's,

ProjectE recipe difficulty increased significantly



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