ProjectE Recipe Difficulty Increase

841 Downloads Last Updated: May 21, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This script was created using CraftTweaker for use in my Takeover:WarGames modpack. The modpack is centered on being a fairly difficult modpack, so with that I felt I should increase the difficulty of recipes for the major items/block in ProjectE to balance out the power it brings to the player. You can view some of the new recipes in the "Images" tab.


Mods you will need to use this script:

  • CraftTweaker,
  • Cyclic,
  • Mystical Agriculture,
  • ProjectE,
  • Reliquary

This script increases the difficulty of the recipes listed in the spoiler below:

Alchemical Chest,
Gem of Eternal Density,
Philosopher's Stone,
Transmutation Tablet,
Condenser MK1,
Tome of Knowledge recipe removed,
Dark Matter,
Red Matter,
Dark Matter Block,
Red Matter Block,
Energy Collector MK1,
Energy Collector MK2,
Energy Collector MK3

 Feel free to edit the recipes as you see fit, or adapt it to different mods. 


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