Once upon a time a group of Minecraft players decided to make a pack together.


Designed by a group who could not agree on anything to try to make everyone happy, StrifeCraft tries to achieve the impossible: Make everyone happy without being too large. It did not go well, no one could agree on anything including what defines balance, everyone had conflicting demands, and no one played the same type of mods. Yet somehow, something that sort of kind of works came out.


StrifeCraft is designed for the sake of a private server by the same name, so the players can live in harmony with tolerance of each other. It primarily focuses on tech mods, but has the occasional magic mod plus general quality of life mods. The two main goals are to keep the pack lightweight and to keep it somewhat strictly balanced.


Due to the awkward combination of mods, players are forced to automate using both old tried and true methods as much as finding new and unconventional solutions. Anything is in theory is possible, even mass storage, the how, however, is up to the player to figure out.

Understanding the versioning system:




X = Major Version, so long as this matches the pack will be compatible with all previous version, should this increase however a world wipe will be needed.

Y = Significant update, this applies to any update that changes the modpacks dynamic through additional mods or removal of mods.

Z = Minor Update, these will include the minor mod additions as well as updating of mods.


Za = If a letter is applied after Z then the update was made to fix some particularly nasty bugs or crashes, it will otherwise function like a standard Z update, but such an update should always be taken immediately upon release.



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