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This pack is a recreation of an older pack I made, updated and more refined.

Make sure to open your inventory and click the "Guide" button to the left of you inventory GUI. It contains a lot of helpful information for the pack and should be read for first time users.




Once upon a time we did not have so many mods to chose from, we did not have hoppers, we did not have a dozen types of pipe, or crazy routing systems. We did not have golems and drones to carry our items, what we had was BuildCraft. Sure it has been forgotten as of late, less packs us it, and less players give it much attention. However it has been growing, logic gates, robots, more advanced item routing, and more. All of this has been added making BuildCraft more powerful and adaptable than ever, but don't worry this pack expands beyond just BuildCraft.


BuildCraft has inspired a suite of addons, as well as other mods. Forestry, RailCraft, Logistic Pipes to name a few, and it is also quite capable of adapting to other mods. Many mods find themselves being greatly enhanced in their ability to be automated by it's presence.


This pack has been built with a few goals in mind. Each mod has been selected carefully and for a reason, while also sticking to the design philosophy:

Pack Design Philosophy:
  • BuildCraft Centric - Mods which are either BuildCraft addons or have a long history with BuildCraft have been specifically chosen while avoiding mods that take away from or discourage use of BuildCraft.
  • Enjoyable - If a pack is unenjoyable, I have failed my task.
  • Compatible - Mods have been chosen for their compatibility with each other, and configs have been tweaked to keep it that way.
  • Refined - Mods that add redundant content have been removed, while still making sure that nearly anything you might need will be present in the pack in some sense.


  • Additional BuildCraft Objects - Adds additional pipes, power generation, and more to BuildCraft.
  • Advanced Generators - Adds bigger generators.
  • Adventure Backpacks - Awesome backpacks which let you meet all your needs on the go.
  • Another One Bites the Dust - Allows RailCraft crusher to crush ores. Removed in preference of MineTweaker recipe tweaking.
  • AppleCore - Used for other mods, also makes the Hunger UI more informative, 
  • Auto Sapling - Plants Saplings rather than allowing them to Despawn, to help maintain forests, and to make tree farms a bit less tedious.
  • bdLib - Other mods demand that you have this.
  • BiblioCraft - Adds cosmetic and functional furniture and tools.
  • Binnie's Mods - Expands on Forestry's breeding systems and adds some of it's own.
  • BinniePatcher - Binnie is actually out of date, this makes it in date.
  • BuildCraft - The heart of the pack! Pipes, power generation, robots, sorting, basic routing, logic gates, and more.
  • BuildCraft Additions - Adds BuildCraft based ore processing, with a progression system, as well as energy storage, powered tools, and more. Work your way through the progression, upgrading as you go, making compromises and working your way from inconvenient to fully automated.
  • BuildCraft Compat - Compat Module for BuildCraft.
  • ChickenChunks - Chunk loaders. Prefered over World Anchors from RailCraft.
  • Chisel - Cosmetic Blocks galore, the builders dream.
  • Chisel Facades - Hide your pipes with pretty.
  • CodeChickenCore - Other mods demand that you have this.
  • CoFHCore - Other mods demand that you have this.
  • CoFHLib - Other mods demand that you have this.
  • Cooking for Blockheads - Adds in Multiblock kitchens which help with Pam's recipes.
  • Crafting Tweaks - Makes crafting a bit more convenient.
  • Ender Storage - Adds interdimensional item and fluid storage that share the same space. Added so as to not lag the world by forcing you load chunks long distances when transporting items long distances via pipes or train.
  • Eureka - Other mods demand that you have this.
  • FastFlyBlockBreaking - Let's you break blocks at normal speed when airborne. Added because I personally hate how blocks take longer while I am flying.
  • FastLeafDecay - Leaves take too long to decay, this fixes that.
  • FTB Utilities - Adds in friend system, Chunk Claiming, Chunk Loading, and in game guide, and a few other things.
  • FTBLib - Adds in a few little features, mostly included for FTB Utilities to work.
  • Forestry - Automated farms, bee and tree breeding and more.
  • Gendustry - Makes Forestry's breeding system less painful and tedious.
  • Gravestone - My personal favourite "Death Chest" mod, adding in world gen, and graves for villagers and pets as well as players.
  • Hats - Get them, collect them, wear them.
  • Hunger Overhaul - Make hunger harder.
  • iChunUtil - Other mods demand that you have this.
  • Inventory Tweaks - Inventory management and sorting.
  • Iron Chests - Lets you upgrade chests so they can hold more.
  • Iron Tanks - This is Iron Chests, for BuildCraft Tanks.
  • JourneyMap - A very customizable map mod, personal favourite, and allows servers to block functionality.
  • Logistics Pipes - The precursor to Applied Energistics. Does almost everything it does, using BuildCraft pipes.
  • Magic Bees - More bees.
  • MineTweaker - Allows recipe adjustment, also helps with getting item IDs for config tweaking.
  • ModTweaker - More mod compat for MineTweaker.
  • NEI Addons - More NEI Compat.
  • NEI Integration - More NEI Compat.
  • NotEnoughItems - Recipe lookup and more.
  • NotEnoughKeys - Helps with key conflicts.
  • NotEnoughResources - NEI gives you more information on things like ore gen, mob drops, and more.
  • Pam's HarvestCraft - More food. Grow it, cook it, eat it.
  • RailCraft - Trains, complex track routing, rail based transport and more.
  • Ropes+ - Adds in more arrows, as well as ropes, ziplines, grappling hooks and more. Included to help with exploration.
  • Soul Shards: The Old Ways - Mob Spawning.
  • SpawnerCraft - Create Vanilla Mob Spawners, not as good as Soul Shards, but can help. Good for people who need less controlled spawners, or to speed up Soul Shard leveling.
  • StartingInventory - Start with a bit of an inventory.
  • Steve's Workshop - Customizable workbenches to help crafting.
  • stimmedcow : NoMoreRecipeConflict - Let's you toggle through any conflicting recipes, fixing compat issues instantly.
  • Storage Drawers - Mass Storage solutions. They are like barrels, but a bit different and offer more options.
  • The Spice of Life - Need to eat a variety of food, not just the same thing.
  • VeinMiner - Mining can be tedious, this let's you break entire ore veins, chop entire trees, and break other types of blocks all at once. Speeding things along, letting you focus on the other mods.
  • Waila - Gives info when mousing over and looking at items, blocks, and mobs.
  • Waila Harvestability - Tells you whether or not you can mine something and what to use to do it.
  • WailaAddonBC - Let's Waila work nicer with BuildCraft
  • Wawla - Waila expanded.
  • Witchery - The only magic mod in the pack, selected to because it offered fun challenges to be automated by BC, while still allowing you to have some utility abilities. This is the player empowering mod. While other mods are allowing you to automate the world, this lets you as a player gain abilities, as well as provides you with most of your mobility options. Teleportation, flight, custom potions, magic rituals, and more all through one mod. It also gives you something to do while you wait for your quarries to dig up the world.

Understanding the versioning system:




X = Major Version, so long as this matches the pack will be compatible with all previous version, should this increase however a world wipe will be needed.

Y = Significant update, this applies to any update that changes the modpacks dynamic through additional mods or removal of mods.

Z = Minor Update, these will include the minor mod additions as well as updating of mods.


Za = If a letter is applied after Z then the update was made to fix some particularly nasty bugs or crashes, it will otherwise function like a standard Z update, but such an update should always be taken immediately upon release.

For links to all mods, and author information please go to the project site, and click "Relations" at the top.


Please report bugs here first.


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