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Spell Studies is a pack designed to provide an alternative playstyle for the Electroblob’s Wizardry mod. On top of finding Electroblob’s items through exploration and fighting, players can progress down the spell trees to learn the spells of seven distinct elements, gaining access to more powerful spells the further they progress.

Spell Studies strives to hold to the spirit of the original mod, while allowing for a larger variety of playstyles as well as supporting scalability for larger servers; where one may otherwise have to travel out tens of thousands of blocks to find unexplored chunks. All items within Electroblob’s Wizardry have an appropriately themed means of access in Spell Studies, while retaining their original method of obtainment as well.

The pack itself is designed to be lightweight and expandable. Add mods to suit your fancy, and use Spell Studies as a base to make modpacks full of whatever adventures your heart desires!


  •  7 distinct elemental progression trees, each focused around a different facet of vanilla Minecraft gameplay:

1. Pyromancy: Destruction & Block Breaking

2. Ice Magic: Defence & Block Creation

3. Storm Magic: Advancements & Redstone

4. Necromancy: Combat & Monster Slaying

5. Earth: Exploration & Discovery

6. Sorcery: Recourse Gathering & Crafting

7. Healing: Farming & Buff Creation

  • 4 distinct tiers of magic, each with more challenging quests than the last
  • More quests become available the further you progress into a school of magic.
  • Alternative methods for accessing all the augments, upgrades, and artefacts Electroblob’s Wizardry has to offer.
  • Lightweight pack, easy to be added on to


1. Download the Modpack

2. Add any additional mods to the pack you desire (Note the mod list and the known incompatible mods listed below)

3. Launch the Modpack and create a new world.Upon starting the world, all players should find a quest book in their inventory.

4. Follow the quests within to progress in Spell Studies! 


Baubles (By: Azanor13)

CraftTweaker (By: Jaredlll08 and Co.)

Electroblob’s Wizardry (By: Electroblob)

Hardcore Questing Mode (By: LordDusk and Co.)

InitialInventory (By: Jaredlll08)

Just Enough Items (By: mezz)

MTLib (By: Jaredlll08)

Spell Studies Library (By: Seradar)


  • All Electroblob’s Wizardry Spell Packs. With the way the pack is currently set up, adding additional spell packs will cause the IDs of all the quest books to shuffle, breaking the pack. This will be resolved in Minecraft version 1.13 and onwards.
  • Any mod that overhauls vanilla progression or removes vanilla content from the game may render some quests incompletable. Exercise caution when adding overhaul mods.



  • Pack Developer: Arouka
  • Testers: Coelpts, Tsuzihri_07, Typefourty, Ushinawa, SuperShinyRat, Epsilon_04
  • Writing/Proofreading Assistance: Coelpts, Typefourty, Epsilon_04
  • Special Thanks to Electroblob for creating the incredible mod this whole pack was built around