Safety Lost

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 Questline accessed by pressing ~ by default. This will help teach new players the pack, but much of it will be left to you to discover.






Safety Lost is a survival focused mod pack, focusing on challenging survival through mechanics rather than enemy difficulty or expensive recipes. Rather than just trying to make everything a slow and painful grind Safety Lost tries to make things tense by using mods like Hardcore Darkness and Tough As Nails to add new pressures and dangers rather than filling the world with monsters and increasing resource costs and tedious amounts of work. Recipes shouldn't feel much more tedious, but rather you are expected to find them more rewarding due to the extended process of acquiring access to certain materials.


You will enter a world where there is little technology, and what technology you can acquire does not use anything like electricity. You find yourself in harsh environments, with dark nights and darker caves. A world with monsters that prove a greater threat than ever before, but with greater rewards than most are used to, yet many will find the real threat is not the beasts of the night, but the elements. With an oppressively hot sun, and a bone chilling cold, you will find yourself seeking to keep warm or depending on your environment, while battling thirst and hunger.

In this harsh world you might wonder how you are meant to survive on your own. You aren't. To survive you will need to build a community to assist you, trading and buying goods and services required to create more advanced blocks and items to better survive this harsher world. Anything that seems unsurvivable early on will become easier and even trivial once you are prepared to take them on. Dungeons are filled with peril, nights are stalked by dangerous monsters, and caves hide their own dangers, but nothing is without reward and surviving will make your life easier.

Understanding the versioning system:




X = Major Version, so long as this matches the pack will be compatible with all previous version, should this increase however a world wipe will be needed.

Y = Significant update, this applies to any update that changes the mod packs dynamic through additional mods or removal of mods.

Z = Minor Update, these will include the minor mod additions as well as updating of mods.


Za = If a letter is applied after Z then the update was made to fix some particularly nasty bugs or crashes, it will otherwise function like a standard Z update, but such an update should always be taken immediately upon release.

Bugs, mod links, and contact:


For links to all mods, and author information please go to the project site, and click "Relations" at the top.


Please report bugs here first.


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