469 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 3, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.1   +1

Wait... 1.18 only adds generation?

Let's fix that.


⚡ Various Performance Improvements 


🔍 Quality of Life Changes and Fixes


🌟Iris Shaders and Illuminations


🥕 New Food Mechanics via Farmers Delight


🧊 Hundreds of New Blocks


🔮 New Magic Systems and Mechanics


✨Various additions of Unique Mobs and Items


🌎 1.18's Terrain Generation + Various Additions and Overhauls

(Oh The Biomes You'll Go will be added when updated)


🤝 Made for Multiplayer fun and Server compatibility in mind!


Updated frequently as new mods get added!

Play as you want, how you want, it's your adventure!


Recommended Allocated RAM: 5GB | Recommended Server RAM: 4-6GB

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