Pixel Harvest I

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I cannot be the only one out there that love the idea of combining the the likes of Pokemon with Harvest Moon.


This pack attempts to do just this. I have also added a few other mods to help with the processing of ores and exploration. Catch them all and start a town. With no monsters spawning in the world there is no need to worry about staying alive at night.


Due to the ToS of Pixelmon however you will have to download that separately. See link at the bottom and in change log of latest version.


NB: You only have to download this once. It does not get lost during updates. So unless the version here changes or you actually delete the instance Pixelmon should only be downloaded once.


 I have decided to only keep the one version of the pack ["release version"] with the latest version of Harvest Festival, I trust Joshie. Please backup your worlds just to be safe until the 0.6 update goes into release.




- Start with Harvest Festival as soon as possible.


You can get Pixelmon from here:





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