Fantasy Farm Town

668 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 14, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

This is a pack for the tough. the adventurous, the brave and the technology savvy minecrafter. The pack is focused around Harvest Festival and Immersive Engineering. The monsters of the world will gain strength just as you do and the world is guarded by Dragons. This is not at all a hardcore pack, but it is also not and easy pack. There are many recipes that have been changed. Both for the sake of integration and increased difficulty. 


Please note that there are only a hand full of quests, purely to get those that do not know introduced to Harvest Festival. You will also get a starter house and class dependent starter gear.


The ores from the mods in this pack will not spawn in the overworld. You will need to visit the Mines from Harvest Festival. At the moment all ore have a random change of dropping from any of the harvest festival nodes, I hope that this can change in the future.


Please note that I am using the latest version (0.6+) of Harvest Festival so use at own risk.


But most of all enjoy! 




I used recolored textures of the ore clusters from Harvest Festival by Joshie to add more ores to the nodes in the mines.


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