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With this pack you will have the opportunity to explore the three most important (IMO) "branches" of Modded Minecraft. My aim is alos to have some cohesiveness between the mods included. Which is why there will not be a whole collection of tech mods or ways to use or generate RF.



With HARVESTCRAFT you will not run out of things to farm and ANIMANIA will allow for some interesting and "alive" farms. To balance things off SPICE OF LIFE is there to keep you eating as much of Pam's farmed goodies (Spice of Life is tweaked so it is not as hardcore as most would be used to).


SOUL SHARDS will aid you in farming any mob in the games as well.



Botania and Blood Magic are good old staples of the "magic" in Minecraft, but in this pack there is ROOTS, ABYSSALCRAFT and ANGEL OF VENGEANCE as well to offer something for everyone.


With VAMPIRISM and HOWLING MOON you could even choose to adventure as a Wolf or a Vampire. There are even dragons to ride into battle with the ICE AND FIRE mod.
Ice & Fire will be removed in the next version as it is causing server crashes at the moment. Might be re-added later.



The main technology (by disabled recipes) in this pack is IMMERSIVE ENGINEERING. There are of course other technologies in the pack as well. You can adventure as a cyborg with CYBERWARE.


I have tried my best to make things fair and will be playing this pack on a server with friends myself so there might be changes with regards to recipes or configs between versions.

Go forth and adventure. Go forth and have fun.


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