Philosopher's Life

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Welcome to the Sky -  With just a single block of grass beneath your feet your quest to restore the balance in this empty world of darkness begins.


To begin your journey, you'll have to rely on the Philospopher's Stone (ProjectE) to give you a running start at creating a sustainable life in the sky's.

You'll have access to magic and a few selected tech mods to achieve a new balance between light and darkness; to strenghen the life around you and rebuild a world in the way you desire. There are (almost) no limitations to creativity and insanity ;)

Some of the key mods:

- Better Questing
- ProjectE (duh, it's the core mod)
- Blood Magic
- Botania
- Tinkers
- Dimensional Doors
- Refined Storage


Use the given quests to guide you through the process of rebuilding this world from just a block of dirt.


If you have general issues or want to suggest things to change / add to the pack, join me on Discord:



This mod pack uses the same/very similar early-game mechanics to Skyexchange, whilst the late-game of this pack is focused around magic, exploration of different dimensions and building; Unlike Skyexchange which is more about technic and automation.

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