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Power up your vanilla world with powerful tools and toys, balanced by a higher difficulty curve in the early and mid-game .


Intended for playing and building with vanilla blocks in regular terrain generation, to basically feel like you are playing vanilla, but with lots of items for movement, building, and combat.  It has a few mods to make the game more convenient, and add some simple automation, without going all out.


Highlight of a few features

  • Higher difficulty caused by tougher vanilla mobs and modded mobs and animals
  • Wooden tools are important
    • Stone tools need smoothstone
    • A furnace needs coal in the center to craft
    • Or sandstone tools are another early game option
  • Spawners are unbreakable
  • Torches are fragile (can be knocked over by entities)
  • Hammers, several different building tools, grappling hooks, baubles & charms
  • Power up your horses, boats, and ender pearls for transportation
  • Get double jump, walk on air, climb anything, use grappling hooks
  • Creeper damage regenerates over time, and Enderman wont pickup blocks
  • More dungeon loot: all music discs, heart containers, and other powerful treasures
  • Use Storage Network to access your chests remotely
  • Bloodmoon events similar to terraria
  • Mobs do not spawn much at the surface or areas with low light, but mobs get stronger as you go deeper
  • Wild Animals: Penguins, ducks, turtles and lizards
  • Tame Bats and smart wolves that use wolf armor
  • Ore in the Nether and End
  • Peaceful mode is a viable option
    • Hunger drains in peaceful
    • One special ore can give you mob drops

Rules that guided the making of this pack

  • No power systems such as RF
  • No decorative blocks
  • No new biomes
  • No major world generation changes

Below I will list some of the mods included, grouped into categories to give you a feel for the pack (Note that several mods have been heavily configured and re-balanced, or they will have some blocks or items removed or their recipes changed to fit this pack)



  • Bloodmoon
  • Chameleon Creepers
  • Creeper Awareness
  • Ender Zoo
  • Rough Mobs

Fun & Exploration

  • Reptile Mod
  • Waddles
  • DuckCraft 
  • Pet Bats
  • Wolf Armor


  • Progressive Automation
  • Super Crafting Frame
  • Tiny Progressions
  • Vanilla Automation


  • Storage Network
  • Gentle Harvest
  • Gravel Miner
  • JEI
  • JER
  • Mouse Tweaks
  • Forge Creeper Heal
  • Journeymap
  • VeinMiner
  • Visible Armor Slots

Tools & Toys

  • Cyclic
  • Sparks Hammers
  • Disenchanter
  • Gravestone Mod
  • Grapple Hooks
  • Boatiful
  • Psi


  • Schematica
  • Helper Tools
  • Similsax Transtructors
  • Builder's Guides
  • Better Builder's Wands
  • Painting Selection GUI
  • Cyclic

Graphics & Sound

  • Better Foliage
  • Better FPS
  • Dynamic Surroundings
  • Sound Filters
  • Mo' Bends
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Chunk Animator



Note: I do not check curse PM's or curse comments very often, if you want instant feedback send me a tweet (bugs/ideas/whatever) https://twitter.com/lothrazar


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