One Thousand Years After the Apocalypse

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WARNING: This modpack is a true hardcore experience. If your are new to modded Minecraft  I'd recommend you play our other modpack Journey Beyond The Abyss first to get used to my stile of progression in a much more guided environment before you try this one (Link in the description).


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(Currently using the Journey beyond the Abyss code and landing page. Will be changed when we have a landing page for this.)


     Welcome to 1000 Years After the Apocalypse, a modpack designed to provide a unique and unforgiving post-apocalyptic survival experience. You start in a vast desert where you have to survive many threats such as: 1) scorching desert heat, 2) unpleasant viruses and bacteria that can infect you and your items in many ways 3) sandstorms, volcanoes, and tornadoes that can spawn at any time 4) Stronger mobs capable of obliterating a poorly designed base (Did I mention mobs get more and more aggressive as you progress) 5) Many other threats that will take any un-prepared player by surprise. On top of the threats listed above in the early game, you are stuck in adventure mode, unable to break or place blocks without special tools such as compressed sticks (Obtainable by punching tumbleweed entities and primitive crafting). As you progress, you will eventually unlock survival mode, and this is when your adventure begins. You can forget the vanilla crafting table ever existed; you must now use various machines and modular crafting tables to craft whatever it is you would like to make. Did I mention sleeping and vanilla crafting has been disabled in the very early game? This all may sound horrible; however, the further you progress the more and more advanced stuff you can do such as go to space, set up an ME-network, build a nuclear reactor, create a fully automated infinite resource plant, or even make your own personalized dimension. Like my previous modpacks, your ultimate goal is to gain access to creative mode without doing /gamemode 1 which will take a very long time.



This modpack uses game stages to enforce progression meaning that most items are locked until you completed the correct quests or found and “read” the correct skill book. (Obtainable from chests.)

You unlock easier recipes for otherwise grindy or hard-to-craft items, so always check JEI when you unlock a new stage!

I also tested each age to make sure they can be completed without cheating. If you need help feel free to ask me on discord.

This mod pack does not support removing mods! If you're having lag issues try installing OptiFine.

For those who don’t understand how the crafting system works at the beginning of the game, here’s a neat set of gifs to help you out:


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If you want to have your name officially in the description, you are required to have a full playthrough documenting your experience with the pack!


Some of this modpack’s notable features:


1: An advanced progression system utilizing the Game Stages API and Adventure mode.

2: A customized world generator that accurately represents a post-apocalyptic world.

3: Custom Machines both single block and multiblock.

4: Realistic weather (including water evaporation).

5: Literally all crafting table recipes have been changed or moved to a different machine/table.

6: Dimensions below bedrock and bedrock breaker for those who love mining.

7: Space Exploration and lots of tech mods for advanced progression and automation!

8: Well over 200 custom generated structures filled with custom loot and spawners.

9: Heavy use of Techguns to enhance the apocalyptic feel.

10: Small survival changes designed to make your life more or less miserable (Yes you can eat cactus).

11: Tons of hidden features for you to discover on your own.


The main goals for this Modpack:


1: To create a more interesting and realistic post-apocalyptic experience than other post-apocalyptic themed modpacks.

2: To provide players with a unique, well thought out progression system loosely based on reality.

3: To make expert modded Minecraft players feel like noobs again, and I mean expert.

4: To become the hardest modpack of all times while remaining fun and fully playable. [Yes, I know these are the same goals as 100 years but THIS IS A SEQUEL!]


This mod pack requires 7-8GB RAM allocated to run. For the best experience allocate 10GB and install OptiFine (runs well with 8 and no OptiFine though).


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