Mischief Spring Speed Run pack (MSSR)

This pack will be used for the Mischief of Mice 2019 spring speed run competition. Details soon for the timeline and where/when.



This pack focuses solely on 3 main mods with very few quality of life mods added in:

- Immersive Engineering

- Ender IO

- Astral Sorcery


The competition will be to accomplish set goals in the advancements. The fastest time to get the advancement(s) complete for ONE of those mods in the set timeline will be the winner of that mod category. 3 winners possible in total.


If you decide to try this pack outside of the Mischief of Mice competition it has very few milestones but they are objectives to get you to an end game state of each mod. Immersive Engineering (a low tech mod) will get you a to a point where you have a quarry and cool looking functional machines to get you all the ores you need. Ender IO (a high magic/tech mod) will ensure you have the tech to process and up your quality of life drastically as well as offer the most versatile protections. Astral Sorcery (a high magic mod) will encourage you to explore and find your way to the constellations while offering a vast amount of options for tools and self customization. The mods have not been modified from their original recipes or progress short of all advancements being removed but for a few.