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439K Downloads Updated Nov 25, 2022 Created Apr 29, 2020

Experience one of the worlds most significant conflicts. With close-quarters battles in iconic WWII environments,...

83.8K Downloads Updated Jun 25, 2022 Created Jun 28, 2021

You can play a cool Modpack with lots of custome drops and awesome LuckyBlocks

44K Downloads Updated Nov 5, 2022 Created Dec 11, 2021

Speed Of Light is a bare bones client sided only modpack designed to get the...

40.4K Downloads Updated May 13, 2022 Created Nov 8, 2021

This Modpack Adds Random Block Drops, It has a lot of Weapons and Armors attach

14.8K Downloads Updated May 26, 2022 Created May 26, 2022

too many lucky blocks and TNT

135K Downloads Updated Nov 5, 2022 Created Mar 19, 2021

Speed Of Light is a bare bones modpack designed to get the most FPS out...

56.5K Downloads Updated Jan 10, 2021 Created Dec 10, 2020

Modpack for Malinovka map

17.9K Downloads Updated Apr 21, 2022 Created Apr 18, 2022

This is a really cool lucky block centered modpack with a lot of different mods.

10.9K Downloads Updated Jul 21, 2022 Created Jul 19, 2022

This modpack is basically just an easy way of installing Cracker's Wither Storm Mod.

59.3K Downloads Updated Sep 17, 2017 Created Sep 16, 2017

Make your own base to survive the mobs!

140K Downloads Updated Mar 28, 2017 Created Mar 28, 2017

This pack include the luckyblock mod which is the focus of this pack.

42.8K Downloads Updated Jun 22, 2019 Created Jun 20, 2019

This is a Luckyblock Race map I made for PopularMMOS.

10.8K Downloads Updated Jun 30, 2022 Created Jun 6, 2022

The Official Advanced FiskHeroes Server

3.2K Downloads Updated Aug 12, 2022 Created Aug 12, 2022

too many lucky blocks and TNT

37.6K Downloads Updated Oct 25, 2019 Created Nov 2, 2018

Fortnite In Minecraft/Fortnite en Minecraft

9K Downloads Updated Mar 16, 2022 Created Mar 16, 2022

RyanNotBriann's Official Minecraft War HQ Modpack used for the Minecraft War HQ Series.

3.5K Downloads Updated Aug 11, 2022 Created Aug 11, 2022

Lucky Block Sky Grid Challenge

15K Downloads Updated Jul 18, 2022 Created Jan 17, 2021

THIS IS FORGE! This modpack includes Chisels & Bits, Chiseled Me, Shrink, and a few...

37.7K Downloads Updated Jun 28, 2022 Created Sep 26, 2018

A PvP pack for servers.

8.4K Downloads Updated Feb 1, 2022 Created Jan 27, 2022

The mods (some) that are in popularmmos