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My 2nd modpack but this time something else a modpack with lucky blocks


What are Lucky Blocks?

Lucky Blocks are blocks from which you get different things, there are, for example, the Shade Lucky Blocks which are among the strongest or the Plural Lucky Blocks or the Galaxy or the Crystal but also super super many others.


Why do I make such a modpack?

There are many who don't know how to install Lucky Blocks and I want to change that, that's why I'm making a modpack like this


Creator of the Lucky Blocks

LB Germany oect

LB Swiss oect

LB Germany oect

LB Squid oect

LB Emereld K64Skek

LB Fantasia CazCade

LB Astral Tmtravlr

LB Pink KristenStuffs

LB Delta TripDering

LB Tnt ererbe

LB Troll ramzanananac

 LB Spiral Tmtravlr

LB Black Hole adalfrs

LB Among Us ViueleJ

LB Doctor Who crossmoriarty

LB Shade game_style_exe

LB Life ericmr_1234

LB Dark Side eXish

LB Nerd _ForgeUser27936107

LB Horror Mini3D

LB Eazy/Eazy Unlucky SkyDiaYT

LB Diamond Wolf DaMarionTDW

LB Doctor Benx LostNix

LB Mars derfems

LB Roblox  The_Iron_Vader

LB Judo Caoten_hoch2

LB Dorito  The_Iron_Vader


I forgot a few, I'm sorry, but I couldn't find any authors from the rest. Please send me a message if you know something


These mods are included

WorldEdit (by sk89q)

Just Enough Items (JEI) (by mezz)

Custom Trades Mod (by supercat765)

Potion Core (by Tmtravlr)

Loot++ (by Tmtravlr)


You can find a tutorial on how to rent a server here ↓

Dinkelberg (@DerDinkelberg) / X (twitter.com)



Attention, you can only download my server pack from the official Curseforge website, not from the app, but click on this link https://legacy.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/paradise-of-lucky-blocks/files/4575506 then go down to additional file and press download and then simply add it to your server




I'm not going to say what kind of Lucky blocks are in the modpack so that the excitement is still there


The images for the logo are from curseforge


I hope you like the modpack, you can also check out my Twitter, where my name is TD_Dinkelberg If you have any questions about the modpack, feel free to write a comment


Have fun!