Randomizer ModPack

40,180 Downloads Last Updated: May 13, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.4   +1

Woah!!! Thanks for the 15,000+ Downloads!! I really can't believe it!! So I think I must update this ModPack XD 




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Forge Only/Requires Forge (1.16.4)






CURSEFORGE LAUNCHER:  The TWITCH LAUNCHER has been replaced with curseforge's own launcher which you can download here:  https://curseforge.overwolf.com/


This works exactly like the Twitch Launcher did, you simply link your Minecraft game, go to browse modpacks, find YP Craft and install, click play, that's it!


Anyone moving from the Twitch launcher to the CurseForge launcher will still automatically keep all profiles and modpacks.











This started out as a simple little thing I was putting together for my own server and friends/cousins, and since then it's turned into something pretty ridiculous.  I've gotten some requests about releasing it as a modpack so here it is.








Join the official discord here https://discord.gg/S4GpEBAhaR for more info regarding public servers and updates to YP Craft.







Here are some of the major mods included that have the biggest impact on the game so you know what to expect


Key Features:


  • More Biomes
  • More Weapons
  • More Armors
  • More Boses
  • More Items
  • More Mobs
  • Etc




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