This is the modpack used by Mischief of Mice as seen on Twitch and YouTube. It's essentailly a Mekanism focused pack with a bunch of other mods added to make it more interesting. There are some overlapping mods (Productive Bees & Mystical Agriculture for example) but this is just to provide variety. It is in no way prepared professionally but should work just fine. If trying to install this on a server, remove Ding from the mod list (and any other client side mods you desire) from the server files. I hope this brings some people a bit of joy. <:3

What's in the pack: All Mekanism mods and add-ons. Plus a few simple mods to add a pretty world and some exploration as well as Refined Storage for some sorting options.

What the pack features: Mekanism. Other mods are all secondary but make it simpler to achieve your Mekanism goals of more advanced tech.

What can you do with it: Choose from a selection of reactors from small to massive scale, safe to potentially dangerous for power (or even resources) to fuel your massive 5x ore processing chain, make an upgradeable exo-suit to protect from almost everything and anything, go more carbon nuetral with wind farms and solar power or even heat energy, set up intricate (or simple) auto-crafting and auto-processing, automatically mine nearly anything with a digital miner, explore with an armored jetpack and your trusty paxel or even a powered do-it-all atomic-disassembler.