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Version 1.33


Zombie Union of Basement Diggers has been disbanded due to slacking on the job and excessive moaning

Zombie Hordes have been removed, note individual zombies that dig can still spawn

X-Ray distance reduced by 50%

New "Invasion" system added, scheduled increasingly difficult invasions occur

Some questbook changes for early game clarity

Modular Machine Casing reverted back to 3x3 crafting

Advanced Blast Furnace bricks reverted back to 3x3 crafting

Filter Recipe outputs not consistent between 3x3 and assemblers

Added missing Titanium veins for IE Excavator

Alternative recipe added for Metal Former, in case the starter gear is lost/used elsewhere

Alternative recipe added for Gas Filter

Vacuum and Dense ducts are now available

High Health zombies that spawned where they like removed

Some further fixes on mob spawning

Various Modular Machinery structures have flexible positions for inputs/outputs

Fixed Console Spam with Ruins mod

Tweak to Glass Block recipe in electric furnace

Cobblestone and Basalt can be cooked in the electric furnace

Destruction Gadget now available (thanks to Direwolf20 for the assist)

Coal Generator now produces 60RF/t instead of 40RF/t

Various pollution tweaks missed as a result of the last update

Added ArchitectureCraft

Added TwitchIntegration

Added ChatTweaks

Possibly other tweaks that I can't remember



Refresh the questbook by using the refresh quest within the questbook, or by using the command /bq_admin default load

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