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Uploaded Nov 5, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
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Version 1.34


Fixed derp with Mechanical Pipe crafting

Added Super-Laminar Ducts

AKM moved to an early game research, Military 1 gives Bolt Action Rifle instead

Golden Revolver now has a research stage

Rewards adjusted for the mob killing repeatable quests

A series of motor challenge quests added, these reward emeralds!

2 extremely challenging challenge quests added

A new Steam Turbine added, generates 4096rf/t and is more efficient on steam usage

Invar Plates can be used as Iron Plates in recipes

Invasion Max mob count doubled for aliens & zombies

Fixed speed issue, no longer "Hyper Child on Energy Drink + Chocolate" speed

Pulverized lead, silver and alumnium can now be smelted in the arc furnace

Slime can be cooked from Alien Goo


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