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Inspired by Factorio, this pack brings the Factorio style gameplay to Minecraft.


Collect resources to build science packs, which are turned into research points to unlock new technology. Starting with a limited set of tools, can you build the ultimate factory and unlock the ultimate technology, while defending your factory against increasingly dangerous hostile mobs.


Build a fully automated factory handling large amounts of resources, assemble a rocket to explore the moons of the planet, advance into nanotechnology (Mekansism + others) and EMC to fully maximise and optimise your factory.


Features an optional 32x resource pack based on a combination of vanilla at double resolution, Misa and John Smith.


Feedback can be provided below or on the FTB forums here

I can also be caught on Discord


Factorio logo used with permission from the Factorio team - thanks guys!



Various playthroughs of Manufactio:



New playthrough by MarcusKron


 Impressive Factory build:




Recent/Current Twitch Streamers:






(and many others!)



The "enhanced AI" for mobs and pollution system add a new level of difficulty. If you wish a more "peaceful" experience, there is a folder called Difficulty Options with alternative configs or instructions to make various aspects easier.


Poor FPS at start?

If you are getting FPS issues, try disabling Dynamic Trees. This will have no effect on the rest of the pack, but you will have to create a new world.


Poor FPS midgame?

Try to optimise your factory as much as possible with short paths of conveyors and items stored in chests. Eventually replace conveyors with Thermal Dynamic Ducts. Unfortunately Minecraft just cannot handle excessive number of items in world, unlike Factorio.


Server files?

No server files are provided, but it's a case of installing a Forge Server 2847 as normal, then copy across the mods, configs and scripts folders. (Mods such as Journeymap can safely be removed from the Server).



This pack features time based difficulty with polluted earth. If a server is left up running 24/7 this will mean the negative effects of polluted earth will affect players much sooner compared to single player, which will make the game much more difficult than intended.

Please update the Polluted_Earth.cfg with the following changes:


I:"Earth spread chance increases every so many days:"=8640 (was 120)


I:"Mob spawn chance increases every so many days:"=4320 (60)


This will balance a gameplay to a player logging into the server every day. Double these values if on average a player is logging in every other day.