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Version 1.32


Time to break all the things!


This is a big update:

Pollution of the Realms has been updated, Pollution Filters now work differently, using craftable filters that are placed within the GUI. This allows full automation of the cleaning process.

MK Filter has been removed.

A basic carbon filter is available after the Respirator.

Burner and Electric Drills now only pollute when actively mining.

Electric Drill pollution levels increased.


3x3 recipes for Wires, Red Science and some other items have been removed to encourage early game automation As a result, the following changes have been made:

The intro questline has been changed to reflect these changes

Metal Former crafting time has been doubled, but has a few more recipes and can be crafted directly into a one use capsule (no need to build the individual blocks)

Red Science must be crafted in the Basic Assembler at the start.

The Basic Assembler no longer has a research requirement, and can be crafted directly and placed with a one use capsule


Uranium and Titanium no longer generate as ores the Burner or Electric Drill can mine up. Obtain these resources with the IE Excavator. Questbook progression has been changed. (Note that ore-gen might regenerate as a result of this change, and may not be in sync with the Seismic Reader) Lead, Silver & Aluminium Ore veins have been reduced in size.


First two main research chapters have new icons showing research levels required. This will be expanded to the other chapters in future updates.

Various Mob Spawning fixes. Drones and Nagas will respect light levels now, chance for zombies to be higher health but slower. Drones Health and Damage have been increased.

The Sentry Turret damage has been increased,

Standard Assembler can also be crafted directly and built using one use capsules.

Added Industrial Renewal, adds a lot of cosmetic blocks, plus some functional "cart" variations which can be linked together. Also includes a fluid wagon cart.

Chiseled Dirt has been disabled (existing chisel dirt blocks will vanish).

Various Chisel blocks are no longer mob proof.

The Basic Bin has been removed and replaced with Single Spot Chests. SSC recipe has been adjusted.


For vanilla texture users, the tall grass texture has been changed so instead of being 2 blocks high, it's 1.5 blocks high - makes it less annoying.

All wires can now be made in a Lathe, double the resource efficiency of the Metal Presses.

Mining Drill has an alternative (and slightly easier recipe), and quest requirements adjusted.

Satellite pipe for Logistics Pipes enabled

Configurator recipe changed, and made available earlier.

Added a new power gen option (no research requirements)

Charcoal and Coal chisel blocks disabled

Charcoal burn time reduced

Re-added Super Sound Muffler Disabled

TellMe disabled by default

Reverted JEI back to version 291

Other tweaks that I forget as I'm great at doing changelogs!


Big shout out to all the new streamers, youtubers, players and everyone on Discord. You guys rock!


Since the questbook has been updated, run the command /bq_admin default load

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