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Light Craft [ReForged]


| Minimum Server RAM: 2GB | Recommended Server RAM: 3GB | Recommended Allocated RAM: 1GB |


Requires CurseForge App To Play -> https://download.curseforge.com

» Light Craft | The best FPS Boost Pack by MoonPlay Team [Only Fabric] (Thank you for 144,000/380,000 DOWNLOADS <3 Together we will rebuild our community! )

» Increase your FPS in the game (842% more FPS than OptiFine) and add useful extras!

» Latest Version » Light Craft [ReForged] - 1.20.1 - 2.2.2

» If you want to turn on Dynamic Lights or Better Grass go to Settings > Puzzle Icon > Graphics Settings

» Light Craft LITE (For Server Players) » CLICK

» NewCraft Minecraft modpack with Light Craft Optimizations » CLICK 

» How To Install:



» Why do you need to give up OptiFine?


» That modpack is 8,42x faster than OptiFine

» All features from OptiFine such as ShadersZoomDynamic LightsBetter Grass, Capes, ResourcePacks, etc. are in this Modpack.

» More cool features (ex. SaturationMapBlock NameMob Health, JEI, etc.)!

» You can play using a Controller!

» Better F3 Info

» Clean and Professional UI




» Don't forget to join my discord server! »



| Minimum Server RAM: 2GB | Recommended Server RAM: 3GB | Recommended Allocated RAM: 1GB |


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