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This pack has both SSP and SMP configurations. It comes with a server environment and a downloadable world. The world is only needed if you want your central spawn to be mob spawn proofed, have basic starting instructions, and a shop to sell resources to players so that they can recover from their mistakes easier.


Server now included as an additional download.


Taken from the Sky Islands page for island management

To set Islands In The Sky to be the world generator used by a server, you need to edit the file, and set "level-type=skyisland", after which, you will probably need to delete the world folder to regenerate the world as a void world.

Islands In The Sky adds five commands.  /island (or /is), /spawn, /invite, /accept, /setisland, and /abandon.  /Island will take you to (and create, if necessary) your own private island, and /spawn will return to you spawn for easy interaction with your servermates.  /spawn is not created if another forge mod already adds it. (Not sure how this will interact with the various bukkit mods.)  /invite and /accept are used to share islands between players.  Hopefully the uses are obvious.  /setisland has two uses, if you're an op, you can use /setisland <playername> to set their island location to their current location, regular players can use /setisland with no arguments to set where they'll teleport when they use /island anywhere within the space of that island.  /abandon will abandon your island.  If you are the owner of the island, it will be deleted (Slowly, over the next several ticks so as not to cause lag), and your inventory will be cleared, along with the inventory in your Vanilla enderchest.


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I have the Better Questing mod installed, but I do not have any quests in it. I won't until I figure out what is going on with the pack. When I use Ex Nihilo 2 as the something from nothing mod, it crashes the SERVER if you put any pipe into a crucible. And if I go with Parachronology the SERVER again crashes but with a concurrent modification error (I never figured it out). In both cases the CLIENT does not crash out. In the case of Ex Nihilo 2 I have reported all necessary crash reports to all involved parties, in the case of Parachronology, I am not quite sure it is Parachron at as the Crash Report and FML-SERVER-LATEST.LOG are devoid of anything pointing to a particular mod. Once either of these resolve, I'll split the pack into one for each type of "Something from Nothing" and begin work on adding quests. In short, there aren't any quests other than achievements.

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