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If you liked the classics, then you will like this modpack, too!

Joining the powers of Hexxit and FTB Lite, this modpack is based on Minecraft 1.4.7.

Although, being called "Hexxit Lite", this pack isn't "lite" (in the meaning of "light)...

This pack combines nearly every mod in FTB Lite (and a little bit of FTB Ultimate) and Hexxit to create this huuuuuge adventure pack!

And no: This isn't only about adventure. Try yourself as a Technician or a Magician, if you want to stick with the FTB Lity part at first.


The pack is divided in those parts:



Defeat Battle Towers, Dungeons and so on. Many things, you know from Hexxit, are included here! I even ported the mod with the Hexical Armor to 1.4.7, so you can play with it, too!



This part is about IndustrialCraft, Buildcraft, Railcraft, Computercraft, etc. Just do the same things, that you did, when playing FTB Lite or FTB Ultimate ;)



This part is a mixture between Hexxit's little magic with the Enchantment table and FTB Lite's Thaumcraft etc. Maybe it is cool to combine them together? Who knows...



Well, this is all about farming, Redwood trees and so on. You should already know all those things from the two presuccessors. Just have fun while e.g. building a tree house. Or maybe you just want to stick with those nasty bees?



Last, but not least: When that's not enough for you, then just travel elsewhere using DimDoors, Mystcraft or the Twilight Forest. Relax there (more or less) and have fun!


Some mods are unstable, attention!

If you encounter a bug, please report it!

I coded some mods myself and many mods needed to be repogramed by me.