149 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is a modpack that I created for friends to play together on a dedicated server.
It mostly contains, technological mods, such as Thermal Expansion, Mekanism and IndustrialCraft, but also some animal, magic and worldgen mods, such as Mo' Creatures, Thaumcraft, Biomes o' Plenty and the Twilight Forest.

This modpack is meant to be used together with Geographicraft and Realistic Terrain Generation. On my own server, these mods are installed, but since RTG for MC 1.12 hasn't officially been released yet, and it only needs to be installed on the server, it is not included in any of the downloads here. As such, I recommend using the BIOMESOP level-type for single player survival and for your own servers.

Crafting Tweaks
This modpack contains CraftTweaker and a few of its addons used to add items and blocks, change crafting recipes, change loot and add new Villager trades, for which I have written a couple of thousand lines of ZenScript. I have changed recipes for IC2 machines in its respective configuration files as well.
Using these scripts, I attempt to add some of the functionality and content that could otherwise be added by installing the Base Metals, Dense Metals, UniDict and JAOPCA mods.

A lot of the ore generation done by various mods has been disabled in their own configuration files and has been centralised in the CoFH World mod. As such, only 1 version of each metal ore (for instance, Thermal Foundation Copper) should generate in the world. ContentTweaker has been used to create a "dense ore" of each overworld metal ore.

Using Optifine with this modpack is recommended. Sadly, its licence does not permit me to add it to this modpack directly. The Optifine version that this pack is tested with is 1.12.2 HD U D2.

A list of all currently included mods can be found here.
Sadly, due to licence issues, Mo Creatures and bspkrs' mods could not be included. Mo' Creatures 12.0.4 can be downloaded here.
A full list of my changes to the default configs and scripts can be found here.


  • Fix EnderIO Ardite and Cobalt Dust processing recipes
  • Fix Ingot -> Block dupe in IC2 Compressor
  • More dense ores
  • Nether ores
  • Update Forge to a more recent version
  • Update all mods to their most recent functioning version
  • A butt-load of other mods

Known issues:

  • Don't worry about the Errors and Warnings that CraftTweaker spams as you enter a world.
  • Mo' Creatures' tameable aquatic mobs may still be bugged. Their spawning is, therefore, disabled using BiomeTweaker.

  • Some Java VM localisations of locale that use a comma as decimal separator make Base Metals crash during startup. This is typically only problematic on servers and can be remedied by using the
    Java argument.
  • NuclearCraft adds some melting recipes that don't adhere to accepted melting ratios and these recipes propagate to Tinkers' Construct's Smeltery. This will be fixed in a future release of NuclearCraft.
  • Loot Tweaker is (thus far) unable to remove IC2 ingots from chest loot.
  • IC2 machine aluminium processing recipes have not been unified. This is because Galacticraft forces its compat recipes to be added and no config option is available to disable this (yet).


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