Corail Scanner

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"This mod add a scanner able to find any kind of blocks, with a playfulness to find them."

The mod has translations for english and french, works on dedicated server and supports minecraft version 1.10.2 to 1.12+
The scan is done in a conic shape (config max : 50 squares range). 
You can customize the scanner with server config options and a blacklist file(in the config folder) & some client options in game.
For details, you can look at how to startFeel free to contact me to correct any problems.
Hint : highlighted blocks required to be enabled in your config in-game. (this option could be server side in the future but not for now ;) )

The license of this mod is all Rights Reserved
You can use it for your personal/server use, or for modpack
but this doesn't allow you to share the files


It's possible in the future that i'll introduce a second way to scan with wide ranges (requiring a casting time to be able to test the blocks during this time ;) )
The first release is out, and bring lots of improvements :

  • about the scanner :
    - no more damaged, it's replaced with an energy value (corresponding to  the max duration of use) & doesn't loose energy in creative
    - only scan while holding right click
    - select a block for scan is done while sneaking
    - scan is done with oredictionary (target similar "modded" blocks)
    - improve the scanned area based on the player looking direction, conic shape (Robijn Vogel)
    - improve performance for scan
  • about config :
    - remove options about tick/damage, and radius of scan
    - option for max energy of battery
    - client option to highlight founded blocks (disabled by default)
    - client option to disable the sound of scanner
    - sync config (server -> client)
  • about sound :
    - the config in-game lets you choose between some vanilla sounds (instrumental)
    - the pitch of the chosen sound varies, depending on the number of blocks found

Some funny screens while making the release(to have a visual of the scanned area and search results)

How to start

with the crafting table : (you can use similar ingredients from others mods for the recipes)

- craft a battery :                                                        - craft a scanner :

Recipe Battery  Recipe Scanner

- the scanner only work in right hand
- you can change the target to search, by right-clicking a block while "sneaking"
- you need to hold right-click to scan the area in front of you (the angle of scan is 40 degrees)

Choose block  Scan for blocks

- slowly the scanner is discharged but can recharge it with a battery in the crafting table :

Scanner is discharged  Recharge scanner

Special thanks

@ruminecraft : the animated gif picture how the mod works