A moderately sized modpack featuring mods with dynamic environment mechanics like Pollution of the Realms, Serene Seasons, ColdSweat and Weather, Storms and Tornados.  These are combined with tech/magic progression mods Mekanism, Pneumaticraft, Embers Rekindled and Nature's Aura to create a multiplayer game in which players consider whether to try and control and dominate nature or work with its vicarious conditions. Players will explore and build in a world which feels alive and is not always at the players beck and call. When you are ready, you can even activate the Solar Apocalypse.

Exploration in the environmental theme features dimension mods like The Aether, StarGate Journey and Alex Caves as well as less popular world gen mods such as Regions Unexplored, [Lets do] Blooming Nature and Biome Makeover. There are also ample group boss activities with the Aether, and L_Ender's Cataclysm and plenty of useful mods for making the solarpunk base of your dreams.

Go ahead and try this latest modpack from the Technoculture, Art and Games Minecraft Bloc research group and see if you can solve Gaia's Riddle and change the way you play.