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[FABRIC] Adventure Pack

                            Requires Fabric API                 


◆  Roguelike - Origins - Transformations - Magic - Adventure - Dungeons - Weapons - Spells  ◆ 


◆  Warning: this modpack increases the difficulty of the game. It's a combination of Darksouls, Path of Exile, WoW and Diablo.  

◆  Official Adventure Pack Server is being used for the new Beta: (20GB server - join the discord, grab the beta-tester role and read the rules if you want to join)

◆  This Page got updated: 17.03.2022




If you play this pack for the first time you will probably think that it feels like vanilla with a little extra here and there. This pack blends in. But after a few steps, after discovering the first few random generated dungeons, seeing the visually stunning biomes, mountains, caves and hills, after gearing your character a little bit and especially after your first night alone in pure darkness, surrounded by enemies you have not faced before - you will understand what adventure truly means.

We wanted to increase the overall difficulty of the game, increase the immersion and transform it into what MC Dungeons should have been. Tons of new enemies to slay, dozens of new biomes,  origins, spells, talents, different rarities and randomized stats. A dynamic difficulty system - mobs get stronger and deadlier! This pack was also made with multiplayer in mind which means some mods didn't find their way into it due to causing balance issues, lag or crashes. 


    ◆  Custom made 3D weapon models! 

    ◆  Custom made origins system. Instead of picking your origin at the start, you can find mutation and transformation cells, adding new powers to your pool!
    ◆  RNG DUNGEON DIMENSION! Delve into the unique dungeon system of Age of Exile

    ◆  Immersion (Nether and End overhaul, the best overworld worldgeneration, 100+ new biomes, ...)

    ◆  More Mobs (Mobs spawn in different rarities, with different strenghts and weaknesses.)

    ◆  100+ new armors, new weapons, each one comes with it's own sprite and model

    ◆  Fishing overhaul (get loot crates, resource crates, new fish, fish at full moon for lunar items!)

    ◆  Passionate Dev team, +6 mods specifically developed for AP

    ◆  9 Professions you can level! All mods included in the pack are compatible with the AoE crafting stations for full unification!
    ◆  Spells 

    ◆  Talents (+1000 talent nodes!)

    ◆  Lot's of QoL changes (autocrafting, storage system, building blocks, ...)

    ◆  Progression (check out "Your path")

    ◆  Quests 

    ◆  Performance and Stability - you can play this modpack on a potato. We run a server with 40 people online at peak.

    ◆  Traps, Camouflage Blocks (hide your base like never before), new redstone mechanics, ...

    ◆  Regular updates - We try to not miss any new mods and updates for fabric.

    ◆  Lots of blocks for builders 

    ◆  Longterm support - this is not a project that's going to die within the next few weeks or months.

    ◆  99% free of commands - we try to add immersive ways to achieve the same (see the heartbond mod)

    ◆  Awesome community and active official server
    ◆  Lootcapsules - this is a unique system you have never seen before. (explained below)

    ◆  Datapacks and links to their sources:




Minecraft is a huge sandbox when it comes to worldbuilding and exploration. Not only allows this pack to maximize this aspect via new building blocks, new mechanics to interact with blocks but I tried to use this sandbox thought to create character customization like a real RPG. All of that with multiplayer, PvE and PvP in mind.

Skills, Spells and Talents
Unleash the mage in you! Use spells of all kinds of elemental schools. Be the Arcane-mage who annihilates his enemies with comets falling from the sky - or do you want to explore the sacred world of divine magic, and follow the light to heal your allies?

Level up your character with a separate coexisting experience system. Get statpoints and skillpoints!

Unlock passive perks, new spells to use, dive into a fleshed out elemental damage and resistance system and get to know new sorts of enemies who get scaled into this exact playstyle! Be careful if you stumble across eggs laying around in the overworld ... the next elemental charged chicken isn't far! Use the skilltrees to create your own build! 




Adventurepack comes with 9 professions the player can level. I added/am adding all items from other mods to the tech-like profession system, to keep the immersion and balance.
◆  9 professions
◆  modded items have recipes for AoE stations
◆  powerful buff food, utility items like tp scrolls, storage systems, ...
◆  tied to combat experience, no powerleveling of professions like in other games



Weapons, Gear and Loot

I tried to combine the most immersive but still somehow vanilla mods into something that feels good and makes your character look good. You can see the progress of yourself and others. There is a big emphasis on crafting new gear, find loot from mobs and chests, explore dungeons and improve your character.

◆  over 50 different weapontypes to craft

◆  40+ different armor sets
◆  20+ unique items that can completely change your gamestyle (example: necklace that deactivates your regeneration but increase your lifesteal)
◆  weapons and gear get random stats - no sword is like any other
◆  different rarities (common, uncommon, magical, rare, relic and unique)
◆  lootcrates from mobs, dungeons and chests
◆  compatibility with every other weapon and gear mod out there. Craft any item and it get's the "Age of Exile" stats!




Runes and Gems
Not enough? Don't worry, that's not even the beginning. Collect runes, build mighty runewords to improve your items. Insert gems to sockets to get statboosts!


Utility and Movement

◆  Dynocaps - take your home with you, stored in a little capsule. We made sure that they are compatible with claims!
◆  Backslots - show your weapons on your back!
◆  Walljump - clinge to any wall and jump to the next one, supermario-style
◆  Crawl - pretty much does what it says, you can crawl through one block holes
◆  Beaconflight - get creative flight while next to a T4 beacon!





Like everything in life, a good modpack needs a solid foundation. This is the part where BisectHosting enters the stage. We am in the awesome position to call them the sponsor of Adventure Pack! We wouldn't be in a partnership with them if their service, support and offers weren't the best we have experienced so far. We are using their servers for the Official AP Server and it's super intuitive and fast. 
We recommend to use at least 4GB of RAM for any Adventure Pack Server.

If you decide to go with BisectHosting and want to support us in modpack development use the code "adventurepack" to get 25% off your first month. If you have any questions about how to setup a server (no matter the hostingprovider) join the discord or message us, we are happy to assist. Click on this link to get to their site or on the banner below! https://bisecthosting.com/adventurepack

The Official AP Server will always be a little ahead, to test bugs, find crashes and gather feedback. We are also working on a Github page, that way you can take the files you need whenever you want to! I need to say that Fabric itself is in a very early stage compared to Forge in terms of what's available for server utility but holy moly they pump out new awesome features every day. If you are missing anything visit the official fabric discord and suggest it in #requests!




You can find the Modlist> here < 

My thoughts about the pack and the server summarized: >here< 


For quite a while now I am not working solo anymore, three amazing people joined the Adventure Pack development! We work as a team of equals, the success of AP and all the progress we make, is due to the work of every person involved. Bio, Clone and Chronos <3 (You can check their other projects in their profiles!)

I always try to get in and stay in contact with the amazing mod developers who are the backbone of this pack. I reach out if features are missing or could be improved to make sure this pack is the best it can be. This ensures longterm quality and stability and also the latest features almost exclusivefor Adventure Pack. If you are a mod dev you are more than welcome to join the discord and gather around the tinkertable with the other brainiacs and whiz kids to talk about things I don't understand! I will always make sure that you guys get the respect you deserve and to highlight your creations in a fitting way. I carefully selected every mod, I weighted them against the others and then I used hell of a lot of virtual duct tape to combine them into what's now Adventure Pack.

Why is my Mod not included?
There are a few things that are very important to us while thinking about and building the pack: stability, performance, balance, fairness and replayability. There are amazing mods out there that we would love to include and which we personally use in singleplayer - but due to said reasons we can't include them. Be it lag when more people play on server or issues with other mods, no longterm support, dupe glitches etc. There are also some mods we can't include because they would cause problems with other mods that will be included later on it's all a little complicated but as always - there is also the possibility that we overlooked your mod or did a mistake and so please if you think your mod should be included message us! 


Team and Application
I am happy for every help I can get. This pack is a hobby and a passion of me, I am a gamer myself and I am active on the official AP server. If you have more in mind than money or fame or whatever, and really like pixelart, gamedesign, levelbuilding or any other field you can assist with I'd be glad to know you on board. This will become a community project longterm. 
We are looking for: lore writers, builders


If you want to support us: (big big thank you!)

Chronosacaria Patreon

SattesKrokodil Patreon


Special Thanks to:
Rosedragon for amazing talent tree icons! (https://www.patreon.com/rosedragon)

Cfecat (https://twitter.com/cfecat_) for the campfire icon! Check them out, amazing pixelart.
McRobertx22 - developer of "Age of Exile" (and the other exile mods) passionate, professional.

Apace100 - creator of "Origins" - incredibly creative and answered every of the 2 million questions I had.

Dafuqsy - developer of "Starry Sky" - amazingly helpful, hoping for many more mods! :)

Every Tester, Patron, Supporter, Player and Helper!


Official Server:
If you want to connect: SattesKrokodil#9885 <- discordtag.
If you want to open a server please let us know we will gladly help you!

 Requires Fabric API