This is my second pack after Age of Engineering, but don't expect Age of Engineering 2. It is very different.


You're exiled to a volcanic planet with no Ore Generation, you have to work for your survival. Also the only connection to your home planet is a  Portal where you can trade for things because they are obligated to help you so you don't die. The end goal is to planet hop and eventually go back to your home planet.


The pack is very different to Age of Engineering.

Age of Engineering is themeless, Exoria has story and lore.

In Age of Engineering you had machines and power day 1, in Exoria this is a mid-game goal.

Age of Engineering had a guide, Exoria has around 200 quests.

Age of Engineering was tech-centered, in Exoria it is all about how tech and magic benefit from each other.

Age of Engineering is all about big scale automation and overpoweredness, Exoria ends before you get to that.

Age of Engineering was a way for you to demonstrate how well you knew popular tech mods, Exoria has lots of unknown or even new mods and popular mods are heavily changed.


Exoria is a pack that is aimed to provide a unique experience that no other pack has done before. It was around one year in development, has tons of changed recipes and totally revamped world gen.


Report bugs here: https://github.com/davqvist/Exoria/issues
Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/2PdCCVN


Fan made Chinese Translation: https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv610943/