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This mod is made for modpack developers and not meant to be installed unconfigured. I made it for my modpack Exoria.


This mod restricts placement and interaction (right click) of blocks/machines. There are several criteria that can be used, such as being under an open sky, being in a closed room, having a special block nearby, being in a special dimension, being on a certain y level or needing a certain amount of experience.


On the first launch it will create an example json under config/restriction named restriction.json, you need to edit it and can use it as an example.


The structure of the json is the following:


- "entries" is an array that defines the single restrictions

-- "block" define the block id to be restricted

-- "meta" define the meta data of the block

-- "ignoreMeta" set to true, if you want all blocks of the block id to be restricted no matter of the block id

-- "restrictions" array of restrictions that this block has



--- "reverse" set to true to invert the logic, this will turn MINHEIGHT for example to a max height requirement

--- "block" block id that is optional for CLOSEDROOM to define blocks that the room is made out of; and required for NEARBYBLOCKS

--- "meta" define the meta of above block

--- "ignoreMeta" set to true, if all blocks of the same block id are allowed and meta data doesn't matter

--- "amount" the minimum amount of blocks required that are defined above; or the XP level for EXPERIENCE; or the y level for MINHEIGHT

--- "size" min room size for CLOSEDROOM

--- "id" the dimension id for DIMENSION


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