DrTARDIS Adventure Modpack

4,718 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 5, 2018 Game Version: 1.7.10


You start marooned on a tropical island with out any memory of who you once were, you have a sense of greatness about you, but have no memory of your past.(You start in the tropicraft dim).


After some time swimming with the fish, and living out your days in a tiki hut, you feel a strong urge to venture forward into unknown lands, wanderlust takes over and you find yourself building a portal to a strange dark place that seems familiar.(You get to the overworld through the nether)



Much work has gone into making all of the mods in this pack work together, a huge shout out to the mod authors for providing fixes when needed to get them all to work together.


Discord link- https://discord.gg/qUxJsVC

Website link- http://www.prospercraft.com

Pack Features

  • Player Leveling
  • Over 50 dims to explore
  • Live in a TARDIS! Its bigger on the inside!
  • More mobs then you have ever seen in a pack.
  • More items then you have ever seen in a pack.
  • Mods that are unfamiliar with tons of content.


I, Goshen, originally made this pack for my Stream and YouTube channel, it has lots of running and screaming from mobs you have never seen before. 


Permissions gathered and Dim list here

Getting Started 

  1. Basically, you start in the tropics which looks amazing,
  2. and has poison frogs and easter island heads that want you dead
  3. and if you kill iguanas which you have to do for their scales to make good armor they all come after you ever more
  4. Then to get out of that dim you have to make a portal to get into the nether, then go back through the portal to get to the overworld
  5. then when you get to the overworld, to make a TARDIS you need to make a TARDIS key, which you will need an eye of ender
  6. once you get your TARDIS you can level it up by traveling
  7. when you level it up it has more abilities like more power, indicators on the console letting you know if it's safe outside to exit, stable flight


Set up a server- 


If you would like a done for you solution, the folks over at Akliz have an already set up server waiting for you - 




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