Dragon Claw Creations 2

A modpack that focuses around the Create mod, and attempting to keep the otherwise vanilla-feel intact. The primary focus is to extend regular Minecraft with new content, to allow for more Create-related interactions and contraptions. QoL mods improve usability, and the large selection of decorative blocks open up room for plenty of creativity.


🐲 Tweaked configs, so you don't have to

🐲 Use Create and Botania to automate and make creative contraptions

🐲 Advanced combat mechanics, with new weapon swinging mechanics and dual wielding

🐲 Enhanced visuals and audio experience

🐲 Several UI mods that improves usability

🐲 Many quality of life mods that improve existing game mechanics, and introduce new ones

🐲 Countless new biomes to explore in both Overworld, Nether and The End

🐲 Plenty of ways to store and organize your items

🐲 Thousands of decorative blocks to build just about anything you can imagine

🐲 Extended villager mechanics like new villagers and trade deals

🐲 Modified vanilla dungeons, mineshafts and strongholds

🐲 Many performance optimizing mods