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A modpack that focuses around exploration and adventure, with advanced combat mechanics, dungeons and a ton of loot. Built for Fabric, this modpack will also enhance your visual and auditory experience of Minecraft. To aid in your adventure, there are plenty of quality of life improvement mods, as well as options for easier automation.


🐲 Tweaked configs, so you don't have to

🐲 Advanced combat mechanics, with new weapon swinging mechanics, combat rolls and crawling

🐲 Loot and craft progressively better equipment

🐲 Player levelling and stat systems

🐲 Improved enemy difficulty scaling for players seeking a challenge

🐲 Several dimensions to discover

🐲 Enhanced visuals and audio experience

🐲 Several UI mods that improves usability

🐲 Many quality of life mods that improve existing game mechanics, and introduce new ones

🐲 Countless new biomes to explore in both Overworld, Nether and The End

🐲 Plenty of ways to store and organize your hoard

🐲 Thousands of decorative blocks to build just about anything you can imagine

🐲 Extended villager mechanics like new villagers and trade deals

🐲 Use Create and Botania to automate and make creative contraptions

🐲 Many performance optimizing mods