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This is a complete redo of the original pack. This is almost more like a spiritual successor to the previous versions than an actual update since I had to gut so many different things.


Some key differences:

  • Geolysis and Cofhworld do all the heavy lifting for ore generation in the overworld and nether.

You need to think a little and search a little more to get enough resourced now, should feel a little more rewarding but it still sucks to get basic ores early game


  • Removed Vic's Modern Warfare in exchange for Techguns.

This was in favour of a more straighforward (and balanced) early game. If you looked around enough in VIc's you'd find most shotguns would do 100 damage or more, on top of ignoring damage resistances from the Betweenland mobs.

Ammo was also a real pain to do properly, though I was happy with how expensive it was, given how powerful they were, this changed in this pack's update


  • Removed TechReborn in exchange for Mekanism.

TechReborn is much more linear than Mekanism and focused much more on automation. I wanted to move away from encouraging automation (there's still plenty for basic components), and make the focus on exploring to unlock new tech.


  • Removed The Betweenlands.

Me and a friend tried to play through this dimension and failed spectacularly, mostly because of nodami. Instead Scape and Rune: Parasites will be taking most of the 3rd dimensions stuff, with a custom dungeon!


  • Set Bonuses now covers all acquirable weapons and armour.

An entire weight system has be attached onto ranged and melee weapons along with armor movement penalties. This means there's actually an incentive to wear less armour and melee is in a better spot.


  • Removed Modular Powersuits in exchange for Tinkers' Construct

This is more of a flavour change than the others. the number of materials and tools (and armour yes, I added Construct's Armoury) makes this viable and competitive with the other gear you'll have access to at that point. Only weapons and armour can be made and each material is not inherently better than another. Also solved the problem of giving flight too early.

  • The Aether has been removed.

A custom dimension has been added instead. I wasn't too happy with the content in the Aether right now so I made a custom dimension with Topography, It should be a little more intense (hopefully).

  • Astral Sorcery has been added.

Where magic? Here magic! It gives a whole skill tree and the other content in the mod is kinda in line with the rest of the pack.

  • Custom mechanics with Crafttweaker.

Ammo is heavy when not carried in the proper slot and you can block (kinda) with melee weapons! Makes melee more fun and viable.

the ore dictionary has been used and abused to make it easier for you to search for new weapons to try out, some tags include toolWeapon, weaponMelee and weaponRanged.


Overall the feel of the game is much closer to what I intended but some things are obviously still unfinished, hence the beta release:

  • mobs' health, armour and damage need to be rebalanced in the later dimensions
  • I want the Enderdragon to be actually challenging but there isn't a mod like that in 1.12.2, I'm definitely not adding draconic evolution to fix this. It's a bad mod, 'nuff said.
  • I need to flesh out the 3rd (replaces Betweenlands) and the 5th (replaces Aether), they feel a little empty right now.
  • probably a bunch of other stuff.


It's been just a little over an entire year since I released the last update and now I have uni to deal with so I'm not sure when the next update will be hopefully there will actually be one at some point.

Happy b'day pack I guess.

Also, did you notice the size of this big boi? It's yuuuuge.


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