Dimensional Tourism

A small modpack I made as a passion project.

A short pack with recipes changed to create a unified sense of progression, but still suitable for new modded players . With Terraria-like progression with an overhauled advancements menu to guide you, travel through 3 new dimensions and a souped up Nether with NetherEx, fight your way to The End. With huge amounts of freedom in fighting styles choose from builds such as a tech focused melee class, a magical archer or even a crazy berserker wearing next to nothing. Start in the Overworld, with large, densely packed ore veins replacing generic ore generation and more dangerous or changed hostile mobs.

When you finally get to outer islands in The End, take on the custom built Trials scattered through the islands to obtain powerful weapons with unique abilities. Let it be known that obtaining these legendary weapons is no trivial task!

This pack is relatively short compared to others so feel free to speed run the pack


Be sure to install Opitfine yourself (for version 1.1.3b and below)!

Vic's Modern Warfare requires Optifine for 1.12.2! Without it, this pack may crash!


Final notes:

For dedicated servers: Ensure you have command blocks enabled or the Trials in The End won't work. Until I find a way to add in mini game like elements into generated structures and I find the motivation to do so, command blocks must be turned on in dedicated servers in order for these trials to work.

Even if AE2 is in the pack which pretty much allows you to automate many things easily, progressing through the advancements is still encouraged.

Vic's Modern Warfare has a few bugs that I can't really do much about, if you do encounter a bug with this mod specifically you'll have to report them to the mod author. For other mods, I can try to find a workaround.