Dimensional Tourism

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I completely forgot to document the methods to get into the next dimension. I added some really jank documentation through the advancements menu so don't expect too much but it should be enough to help you get to the next dimension.


Other things to note that haven't really been changed but just unmentioned are that:

  • Vanilla monsters have been tweaked

Zombies slow players if zombies hit them and will move towards light sources. They are also very heavily armoured but will still take considerable damage from non physical damage (fire, magic, etc.).

Skeletons will usually hold swords but sometimes bows. They also have slightly less health.

Wither Skeletons wield axes. Shields will only do so much against them!

Creepers are slightly faster

Spiders are slightly faster and all arthropods do not take fall damage.

Endermen are slightly faster

Blazes have the same effective health but have some armour instead, melee attacks will give the player the Sundered potion effect. Frosts are given the same treatment.

All undead cannot suffocate or drown.

Slimes and their cousins cannot take fall damage (forgot about pink and blue ones though, next update hopefully).

Mutant Zombies are immune to physical projectile damage.

  • Some of the sounds in Techguns has been reduced to save people's ears and maybe speaker/headphones.
  • To block with a melee weapon, you crouch and look at the source of the damage. You must also be on the ground, knockback will leave you vulnerable!



  • Slightly increased Proxa portal ruins spawn chance.


Known Bugs:

  • The Proxa portal cannot be activated in the Twilight Forest.

For now, just reconstruct it in the Overworld, I need to figure out how to make it activateable elsewhere.


That's it for now, all the important stuff should now be mostly documented.

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