Dimensional Tourism

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Filename Dimensional Tourism-1.1.3.zip
Uploaded by lucidcream
Uploaded Aug 20, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2  
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MD5 0be71c04a2c317db0989249cc0b21282
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Minor Update



Added proper healing items, each are unique and discourage spamming but can still be spammed.

A better bandage texture would be much appreciated. It kinda looks like a yellowed toilet roll right now.

I might add a special healing item that can heal others but I'll need to strike a balance between making it powerful enough to be worth using and making it grief proof, I'm against cooldowns but I might have to do just that for this item.


Removed instant health and regeneration potion recipes.


Bosses and aoe attacks now give i-frames.

This should result in less unexpected deaths.

The only enemies that shouldn't give i-frames should be the Enderdragon along with some other endgame enemies.


Give more ores proper colours for the Scanner.

A small oversight which made it harder to distinguish different ores.

Glitch armour moved to end game.

I intended flight to be an endgame thing and forgot about this armour set..

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