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Forge Based Modpack featuring Performance Based Mods and Tweaks to make your Minecraft game run better and faster! Sodium & OptiFine are both supported. This pack now supports 1.12.2, 1.16.5, 1.18.2, 1.19.4, 1.20.1 of the Forge Editions.
For the Fabric versions go here:



(Your Vanilla Experiences will be further improved thanks to the following features)

  • Latest update - Enjoy the latest update with mods!
  • FPS performance boosts thanks to Sodium port and other performance enhancing mods. Most of the Forge performance based mods are included in this pack.
  • Mod Config - Shows a Mods button in game menu to list mods installed (Mods settings can also be configured here)
  • Additional QoL (Quality of Life) mods to make your Minecraft game experience more enjoyable.
  • Hypixel Ready - Hypixel sever pre-loaded, just install and play!


Vanilla (No Mods) FPS:


Boosted FPS Modpack:



  • Render Distance has been set to a low value (example 4) to maximize FPS. Increase this to 8 or higher to see more distance. You can change this in Options / Video Settings / General / Render Distance.
  • Getting higher FPS than your refresh rate or seeing screen tearing? Turn on VSync in Options / Video Settings / General
  • OPTIFINE:  If you want to use OptiFine with this pack, you will have to disable the Rubidium & Oculus mods.



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