Balance and Choices

792 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 23, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2


Pack goals:


  1. Reduce 'storing 1000 different crafting components' in two ways:  Change mods to have IC2 themed recipes so you have fewer components to make.  (For example, Immersive Engineering now never requires you to make an iron or steel 'mechanical component' so they will not ever have to sit in a chest taking up space).  Also, using Crafting Table IV means the player has to craft fewer items, so less extra junk that ends up cluttering your storage. 
  2. Create more options with a few mods, keeping the modlist from being too bloated, but giving the player more content.  (example: adding more recipes to machines to allow players to have more options.)
  3. Make survival more challenging (but without making it a 'hardcore' pack) by adding Zombie Awareness, Realistic Torches, Hard Mode Tweaks, and Xaero's "Fairplay" minimap (Does not have a mob radar in it).  Also high end armor is made to be a very end game item, giving players something to strive for, and forcing players to play more of the game with moderately good armor.
  4. Reduce mod overlap by making it so different mods function differently.  Ore doubling works differently for each tech mod in this pack.   Ic2 machines are cheap to make and run, but the macerator only gives you one dust, but the Thermal Centrifuge outputs more dusts than normal.  Ender IO is cheap to make and doubles ores, but requires more power than normal.   Immersive Engineering has the most expensive ore doubler to make, but doubles ores for low power requirements, and runs slowly.  Each player can choose a different method.
  5. Infinite energy or resources are hard to obtain to promote managing resources and avoiding 'pseudo-creative' mode.   Any item that runs infinitely is hard to obtain.  (Example:  the IE windmill is configured to output more power but requires a very high tech recipe since it runs infinitely.  Ic2 windmills wear out, but are cheaper, using the standard recipe.)
  6. Fast transport of items or players is harder to obtain.   Rails are cheaper to promote more interesting ways to transport players, items and fluids (rails)
  7. Jetpacks function differently instead of being a tiered system.  Choose a jetpack that is armored but slow, or a faster but non armored pack, etc.  One jetpack is cheap to make and power and has creative type flight, but has almost no RF storage.  Great for use with a wireless charger to make building your base more convenient, but still make long range flight much more challenging.
  8. Ore generation is totally customized.  Most ores generate in large clusters near bedrock, with scattered ores generating at mid or higher y levels.  Railcraft Ore clouds give the player the option of finding a huge motherlode of ores.  Railcraft poor ores can be processed into regular ores!   Rare ores generate in hills and mountains, making exploration more worthwhile. 
  9. Multiple mods added to create more varied world generation, structures, dungeons.  

Pack is in Beta.  Future updates will include minetweaker recipe changes and possibly more mods added.


See this google spreadsheet  for full explanation on changes to Simply Jetpacks.


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