H.E.L.P - Hardcore Expert Lite Pack

1,013 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This pack aims to avoid the pitfalls of most packs, even Expert packs, where the player is building or collecting resources for no reason other than to say they 'did it all'.  

Go here for a SPREADSHEET with list of all config and crafttweaker changes in this pack.


  • This pack makes armor and weapons expensive.   Iron armor should not be something you can make on day 1 of a new world.  
  • You start with 5 hearts.  Additional hearts are craftable, and not cheap.   Makes combat more challenging.  
  • Poison kills you.  
  • Armor and terrain mildly slow you down, so a heavily armored player is easier for mobs to catch.
  • Cheap lighting isn't infinite and cheap, because Light makes combat/survival easy.  This stops players from torching a 60 block radius of their home on day 1 of a world.  Make powered lighting to ensure your base is safe, or use glowstone.   Sleeping is disabled, not to add tedium but to encourage players to find ways to travel safely.   


  • Instead of relying on complex nested crafting recipes, you make high end materials that then are used for expensive items.  Making Chrome requires infrastructure, time, and resources, but doesn't require a lot of actual crafting.   The goal is to avoid scenarios where players have tons of resources and then need to do a lot of crafting.
  • Ore doubling is harder.  The macerator only gives 1 dust but the ore washer and thermal centrifuge give of more bonus dusts than normal.  Tech reborn Industrial grinder is the pinnacle of ore processing.   
  • Armor and weapons are much more expensive.  Being safe in a Survival game should take more than a day or two to accomplish.


Content is added with crafttweaker and modtweaker, not more mods.   Adding more mods just makes crafting harder, as you have crafting components from 10 mods, not two.  Applied Energistics is a necessity on almost every pack because there are 5 types of circuits, 5 types of servos, etc.  Less mods means less clutter in chests.  To add content, alternate recipes are added (still very WIP)  to give the player a choice and allow them to decide on how to progress.  For example, you can craft TR/IC2 circuits as normal, or use the Forestry Carpenter to make circuits with just raw materials (ingots, not wires, plates, etc.) along with distilled water.  Refined Storage is added for those who absolutely want that type of system, but the goal of the pack is to give players a choice.  This pack should be playable with bc pipes and storage drawers, if you want.

Customized Ore Gen.  Really customized.

Ore generation is completely customized.  Ores generate in 'fractals' meant to represent meteors that fractured on impact.  Ores mix with cobblestone, which is stone which fractured on impact.  Ores generate near bedrock but almost all ores, including ores like diamonds, also generate above sea level.  This rewards people who explore.  Also has huge fractals of Iron Tin or Copper that generate rarely in the middle Y levels but are not common, making finding them a challenge.  

Ores also generate on cave floors and ceilings, encouraging caving.  The overall impact of this is to let players find ores in various ways, including the typical branch mining at bedrock, but overall the number of ores per chunk is far lower than a regular pack.  A BC quarry is not, in this pack, the standout best option for automated mining.

Pack is in Beta, it is playable and most aspects are done but I am sure there are loopholes I have not found yet, etc.  Also want to tweak in more uses for Tungstensteel.






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